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Top of the Center

David Mariner appointed Center executive director

The board of directors at the D.C. Center, Home for GLBT in Metro D.C., appointed David Mariner, local self-proclaimed ”consultant, advocate, and activist,” as its Acting Executive Director last week. Among his initial responsibilities will be a social marketing campaign targeting smoking within the GLBT community. The project is funded through a partnership and a grant with D.C. Tobacco Free Families.

”Many GLBT organizations in D.C. meet the needs of specific groups within our community, or address specific interests or issues,” says Mariner in a press release. ”The Center is an exciting place to be because our mission involves supporting both the whole community, and the whole person.”

Joining the Center’s board are D. Michael Crawford, who organized the Million More March; Annie Shaw, who is the former director of the Lesbian Services Program and Whitman-Walker Clinic; and Robin Wood, Program Associate at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.