Metro Weekly

Moran Prepares to Paint the Town Rouge

Tony Moran.jpgHearsay’s had a thing for Tony “Live You All Over” Moran ever since that time years ago in the V.I.P. bathroom at Nation, when Hearsay improbably but verily coerced the cute, tan and muscle-y New Yorker into knitting a see-through sarong. Oh wait, that was a different Tony. (Hi, Mr. Villa!) Anyway, Tony Moran hasn’t been back to D.C. since Nation closed over two years ago. In the intervening years, Moran’s mixing has gotten more sophisticated, and his Latin-pop nurtured sound has edged darker, expanding his appeal to both serious and sometime clubbers. Last year he released the two-disc The Event, a mixed set that has quickly become Hearsay’s most reliable: A compilation equally conducive to giving you a much-needed pick-me-up, firing up a wayward party or propelling you on a road trip you won’t forget. Prepare to get blown this Saturday at Town, when Moran will spin for the Moulin Rouge party. The more red you wear, the hotter it’ll be….