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TV ad set to convince Califonian voters that gay marriage was forced against their will [video]

[It’s no longer about tolerance, acceptance of gay marriage is now mandatory.] That changes a lot of things — people sued over personal beliefs, churches could lose their tax exemption, gay marriage taught in public schools…. [We don’t have to accept this.]”

Part of an ad that promotes Proposition 8, an initiative which seeks to have voters in California overturn that state’s inclusion of legal marriage rights for same-sex couples. The ad lists ”’ and ”Yes on 8” as the creators of the message, but also lists major funders of their effort as the Catholic group Knights of Columbus, the Christian evangelical group Focus on the Family, and a group headed by Maggie Gallagher who is a conservative columnist that has made fighting gay marriage into a career funded with thousands of Federal tax dollars funneled through President Bush’s ”marriage initiative” at the Department of Health and Human Services.

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