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Maryland votes to remove ‘gay tax’ on property; sidesteps transgender issue

The Associated Press is reporting that Maryland the legislature has passed a revision to existing inheritance laws that benefits same-sex couples. The bill still needs Governor O’Malley’s signature:

The Senate voted 27-18 Monday night to pass the measure… The bill adds same-sex domestic partners to the list of family members who can inherit homes without paying taxes on that property.

”Every obstacle they put in our way, every hoop they ask us to jump through, we do, only to find another hoop waiting on the other side. It’s unfortunate that it’s 2009 and we can’t convince legislators there are real people out there suffering the consequences of discrimination and whose lives could be improved by this simple measure.”

Maryland state Senator Richard Madelano of Montgomery County on the apparent misgivings legislators are having in Annapolis of voting on the bill he sponsored that would add protections for transgender people. As in other parts of the country, much of the issue seems to be related to ”public accommodations” (a/k/a restrooms and locker rooms). (Baltimore Sun)

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