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University of Virginia anti-gay hate crime: 5 young men assault 2 others [video]

”Based upon the facts as we currently know them, we believe this to be a bias-motivated crime, in that the perceived sexual orientation of the two victims appears to have motivated the assault.”

From a statement released by Allen W. Groves, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students at University of Virginia regarding an incident that occurred on April 4 where two young men were jumped by several others described as five white males between the ages 16 and 20. One of the victims, a student at UVa, was hit in the head and had his phone smashed when he tried to call police. (WSLS)

”They were walking behind the construction site around the ‘E’ school…and people, five young white guys jumped them…. They were kinda shocked that something like this could happen here, but I think hatred is everywhere… what we’re hoping is, people can change their language …stop saying things like ‘that’s so gay.”’

Seth Kay, president of Queer & Allied Activism at UVa, describing what happened to a friend of his during an apparent hate-crime. A rally is to be held on Thursday, April 16, on campus to address the issue.(WCAV TV)

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