Metro Weekly


October 1-7, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: Everything old is new again. And everything new has the patina of age and experience burnishing our perceptions. This paradoxical paradigm is more puzzling in the abstract than it is in the practical. So let your consternation flow and picture yourself as a fish. Or even a leaf. Go with that flow, don’t fight it. Save all that energy for dealing with what comes next. You’ll be glad you did. Use your freedom of choice to choose for the long term. Choose for the future, for fulfillment.

Aries: Keep it simple. It’s not about bells and whistles. It’s not about the razzle-dazzle, or the old soft shoe. It’s about representing and respecting both who you are and what others have and value. Trust your instincts and don’t let yourself get bogged down in the details. Reflect.

Taurus: You are whole in yourself. You are made greater by your choices. You are the sum of your actions. You are defined by where you direct your energy. Look around your world as you’ve created it. Have you got what you need? Are you more courageous thereby?

Gemini: You’re used to being the slipperiest frog in the pond. Is there a new challenge on the event horizon? Will you find an unexpected rival? An unwanted ally? An unforeseen trickster? You’ll make better lemonade of your situation if you trust in your initial reactions Sunday.

Cancer: You’ve hardened in place. You’ve deepened in belief. You’ve stiffened in approach. Growing a spine is good. Being inflexible to the point of becoming brittle can’t be in your best interests. Re-evaluate your position. Re-examine your resources. Recount your co-contributors.

Leo: Once upon a time you cut through the tangled webs of confusion as though you were dealing with the Gordian Knot. Now you find the sticky shreds of that which you’d imagined behind you impeding your forward motion and delaying progress. Find a fresh perspective.

Virgo: Now that your ruler Mercury is moving forward again, so can you. Leave regret and second guessing behind you and get on with making more of each day. The individual threads of an issue have more to do with its resolution than big-picture analysis reveals. Revisit.

Libra: You are what you are and that’s all you are. You are the protagonist of your own adventure. You are the center of your own universe. You are the axis on which so much depends. Include this greater vision in the many lesser moments making up the days ahead.

Scorpio: How will you rule the world from behind the throne? How will you govern the future from a curtained booth? Get honest with yourself and be circumspect with others. You don’t have to share every iota of info with all and sundry. Choose afresh in each moment.

Sagittarius: Penance? Why are you indulging in mea culpa? You are only guilty of seizing the day and trying your hardest. Stop the flagellation (unless you enjoy that sort of thing) and get on with making a brand new day in which to showcase your desire for a better world.

Capricorn: Dial back the raging debate. You’ll have an irrefutable answer soon enough. The rest is mere bluster and posturing. Rock that Soul of Probity stance you’ve adopted, but don’t fall for your own hype. You need others to know only what you show them. Call Libra.

Aquarius: You let it slip and you can’t un-ring the bell. Ooo-kay. You’re not a bad person. You’re not in an elimination round. You’re not even a victim of circumstance. Let the half-truths and outright falsehoods fall by the wayside. Pick yourself up and get on with what counts.

Pisces: Isn’t it romantic? You’ve dreamed a dream and it won’t leave you alone. Your waking hours and your time asleep do not satisfy you. You want more than you’ve had, and you’re no longer in a position to settle. So take that step forward and follow it with 10,000 more. 


September 24-30, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: Life is no circus. But if you have to jump through many more hoops, you’ll think you’re wearing a pink tulle collar and you’ve changed your name to ”Fifi.” Though the progress you’re making seems circular, you’re actually on a spiraling ladder–more like a strand of DNA than a gerbil wheel. Use your low-impulse control to take yourself further into the future you desire. Do what’s in front of you, promptly. Don’t be afraid of direction changes. Do pursue the road less travelled. Explore.

Aries: Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? It isn’t always easy to know from close up. You’ll have to tap your circle of cronies and your closest frenemy to get the real skinny on the here-and-now. Believe the hype at your own peril. Dance Saturday.

Taurus: You have seen the future and it doesn’t impress you. What are your choices now? Which meditations brought you this far? How will changing your point of view change possible outcomes to present issues? Is there any difference probable from a location shift?

Gemini: Could you be any slicker? Could you slide any more smoothly? Will you be comfortable coasting for the duration? Forever and ever? You have charm and to spare–but is that the best you can do? You may have to make a “quality of life” control decision by Tuesday.

Cancer: Will doing penance change anything? Will breast beating, sackcloth and ashes bring back the past the way it used to be? Have you got the stones to lay off mourning and move on toward a much more difficult, much more rewarding future possible? Ask a Libra.

Leo: Beyond all the confusion, beyond all the hype, beyond the reach of comprehension, you will find a startling revelation of the possible made flesh. Are you ready to take on the responsibility, the challenge and the satisfaction of bringing it all home with a flourish?

Virgo: Truly, this wasn’t on you. Truly, you weren’t the one who dropped the ball. Truly, if it had been on your watch, you would never have let things get this far. But you’re still standing, so you’ll be helping to pick up the pieces. Relax Friday with an old friend and memories.

Libra: You love to watch the parade of life go by. You love to imagine yourself out there, dazzling and engaging all and sundry. Your drive to connect may override your fragile hold on common sense. Are you ready to pay the price? Are strings attached? Think!

Scorpio: It’s been better, but it’s been worse too. Try Glass Half Full therapy and focus on what you have, not on what you have not. If you can put that much discipline together, you’ll be amazed at what else you can do concurrently with virtually no real effort involved.

Sagittarius: You weren’t thinking of the future in the past. You were living your life by your lights and to the best of your ability. Don’t stop to beat yourself up for not anticipating this current theme and trajectory. The universe is full of surprises, and you’re a mere mortal.

Capricorn: It’s not your birthday, but you don’t often have this much reason to celebrate. Pull out all the stops and let your heart rock in harmony with the whole wide world. Don’t stint yourself right now, there’s too much riding on your appreciation of the present imperfect.

Aquarius: Desire and destiny spiral together like Japanese fighting kites. This great aerial dance mesmerizes as it defines what you are capable of perceiving. How would you confront your life if you weren’t held spellbound by the very spectacle? Is getting real getting boring?

Pisces: You could if you wanted to, and you certainly have the pull and the juice to make your word your bond in this matter—but you’d really have to want for this to be the way things were going to go for some time to come. Bring your whole heart to the table on Sunday.


September 17-23, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: Now doesn’t have to be the autumn of your discontent. Now could be the autumn of your self improvement. Now could be the fall of your ideologies turned to valid applications. But you’ll have to want to make that shift–and you’ll have to remind yourself repeatedly why it’s worth all the nit-picking and minute inspections between you and the accomplishment of your heart’s desire. Use the anti-Force, withdraw when expected to advance. Recoil when you’re meant to be leaping. It’s all in the wrist.

Aries: You’ve been burned. This makes you extra-cautious. You would do well to read the fine print, or get someone with more patience and a vested interest to handle that donkey work for you. It’s not an either/or proposition. It’s more like an an/or condition. Bid low.

Taurus: You’re still in it to win it. You’re still all that and rockin’ the trend like it ain’t no thang. But is your heart still in the right place? Are your eyes front-and-center? Have you remembered what it might have been that drove you to this position? Ask a Capricorn on Friday.

Gemini: If you’re so ready, then what are you waiting for? True enough. This isn’t the right time. That isn’t the right place. And you’re not the one who was destined to make it all come true. But you know the address of the person who is. Use the information to circle back Monday.

Cancer: Whether you intended for this path to come before you, or whether it was a wholly random selection in a moment of absentmindedness, there are consequences and you’re uniquely positioned to take the brunt of what’s coming down the pike. Can you say ”briar patch”?

Leo: It’s still worth it. You’re still in like Flynn if you can only manage the damage control on your plausible deniability. Call in some favors. Reconnect with old allies. There’s a lot to be revealed in the final act, and you’re ready–now more than ever—to see the results.

Virgo: Is this it? Is this how it was always going to happen? Was it inevitable or merely profoundly inadvertent? You would never have chosen this methodology if you’d thought there was a viable alternative. At the same time, you’ve learned more and grown more. Enjoy.

Libra: You fell for that old gag and now there’s metaphysical pie on your face and dripping into your collar. Will you sulk? Will you accept it gracefully, set a good example and get on with those things that still need doing in the face of adversity? Yes, you can.

Scorpio: There’s a lot you have yet to do. There’s a lot you’ve already left by the wayside. There’s a lot to forgive and more to forget. At the same time, you’ll have to make yourself the last person standing to take all the ante on the table. Focus on Tuesday and breathe slowly.

Sagittarius: With all that’s come and gone, you’re surprised to find you’re not farther along the yellow brick road. Don’t forget to remember your special footgear, Dorothy. You and your little dog have more heroics yet to come than you can shake a stick at. Walk tall.

Capricorn: Once upon a time, you woke to find yourself in a castle of exquisite proportion and craftwork and detail and maintenance. You could feel the good stewardship in the very air around you. Those times will come again, if you only allow yourself to believe.

It’s high time and you’re frustrated. But you’ll have to wait a little longer if you hope to find fulfillment where you least expect in the annals of your partnering experiences. Yet you might still be dazzled, if only you would make room for minute miracles to occur.

Pisces: Heaven forefend! You had no notion the very concept would be so powerful and consuming. You had no idea it would put that kind of pressure on your partner. You had no idea anyone expected you to come up with the goods and make it all come to pass. Ask a Taurus.


September 10-16, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: You may not be able to talk from just the one side of your mouth. You may find your tongue to be hinged in the middle. Is that a fork I see? If you play fast and loose for the Situational Ethics Team, it’s not a priori a bad thing. Necessity is a mother, after all. In fact, with all things reliable going on the fritz and with all assumptions up in the air and back in play, you may well decide that now is not the time to decide!

Aries: The déjà vu is thick on the ground. Those haunting from the past will not leave you alone. Stop brushing them off and ask yourself what it is you’re meant to recover and bring forward. Use your native bravery to ask yourself the tough questions. Answer promptly.

Taurus: You can see for miles in every direction. It’s an enviable vantage point. But can you get enough detail from the view to grasp the big picture in functional chunks? Bring maps. Bring binoculars. Bring your third eye’s inner vision. See the underlying truth. Go with the flow.

Gemini: You want what you want when you want it. And you reserve the right to change your mind, again and again. Okay. Only stop for a second and take a good, deep look around. Who else is affected by your choices? Who else is caught in the vibrations of your vacillations?

Cancer: You’re not afraid of the big, bad wolf. You have more immediate troubles on the home front. And you’ve been ”gifted” with a piece of knowledge you’d rather not have had. Now you have to make a decision. And you can’t tell everyone why. Stick your neck out.

Leo: Once upon a time it was all a lot simpler than it is right now. Once upon a time you had all the answers and you were riding the white horse with pride and accomplishment. Once upon a time, there was a curse on the situation. Learn from history–or repeat it!

Virgo: You’re not a bird. You’re not a plane. That leaves Underdog. Get in touch with your inner superhero. You’re going to do the impossible. You’re going to overcome the odds. You’re going to take on the status quo and make lemonade therefrom. Wear loud stripes.

Libra: Ooo-kay. What once were vices now are habits–this is true. But your assumptions were good and your reasoning for going there was sound. So now you have to begin deciding whether to go on as you began or if you’d be better served by a change of direction.

Scorpio: Since everything is topsy-turvy anyway, you may not notice how some of the key paradigms have taken a radical shift. Slow way down and reassess every initiative and sector of your life. You’ll enjoy the early warning with which you provide yourself. Declaim.

Sagittarius: No one died and left you in charge. So you can stand down and take off the silly, shiny uniform. If you want to lead, do so by example and not sheer force. If you want to be in control, do so by careful analysis and not by bullying. If you want to be popular, wait awhile.

Capricorn: It’s a rough row to hoe, and there’s no two ways about it. It’s a tough time you’re going through, and you don’t have some of the key props you’d been counting on to see you to the other side. But you have what you need to make your own silver lining. Recount.

Aquarius: You could have been a contender. Will you obsess over why you didn’t make the final cut? Will you fret over the spilled milk? Will you return to the decisive moment again and again and again? It would better serve you to move forward graciously and gracefully.

Pisces: You were between a rock and a hard place. You had no option. You were alone and on a tight timeline. All of this is true. So stop berating yourself and get on with producing the minor miracle you want to make it all balance again. You have another option. Look harder.


September 3-9, 2009

Heavenly Round-Up: You can’t help but see the obvious—it’s right under your nose. You can’t avoid the truth–it’s out there. You can’t walk away from the problem–it’s got your name all over it. So, now what? The busy just got busier, the timeline tighter. The demanding has ascended to imperative. But you have the chops, and you know how to use them. You have the technology, and its support. You have the innovative eye and you’re not afraid to color outside the lines. Use the force.

Aries: Persistence will see you through. You’ll have to focus and keep your eye on your work and your mind on your objectives. There will be flowers to pick along the way. There will be sights you’d never dreamed of seeing. There will be distractions. And then, a reward.

Taurus: You don’t mind the paperwork. You’re experienced at moving the administrative minutiae along. You’re confident in your use of new media and established technology. You’re all that. But you wish someone would stop bringing the fuzzy data back into play.

Gemini: This is more than you’d signed up for. This is more than what you’d assumed was in play. This is more than any dream you’d ever manufactured. But it’s not the more you’d been hoping for in your heart of hearts. You’ll have to reach out and make an active change.

Cancer: You would if you could but you’re no longer certain that the application of your resources will bring about the shift you require. So you’re sitting on your hands and trying to look engaged, innocent and not too much a part of the solution. Don’t leave the room early.

Leo: Your use of the resources at hand was necessary. Your involvement with the grey areas of the matter was unavoidable. Your intentions were pure as Sir Galahad. So how is it that the whole mess has turned into some sort of lions vs. Christians event? Find an exit.

Virgo: You were overlooked; now you can’t get away from all the attention. You were undervalued; now you’re being scouted for the big leagues. You were shunted aside; now you’re being called in to do the heavy lifting. It’s not the right time, but you’re definitely in the right place.

Libra: Don’t give up your hopes and aspirations simply because there’s so much more to do between here and where you wished to be. Recalibrate your dreams and expectations. Realign your perspective and your trajectory. Call on an older Capricorn to show you the way.

Scorpio: When you were last at this part of the cycle, you had less direction. Now you have almost too much in the way of trending. Should you get an older map and refer to that? It won’t be as accurate, but it may show you what you, and others, have forgotten in the interim.

Sagittarius: Simplicity is a consummation devoutly to be wished. But you’re not there yet and you may not get into that zone for some time to come. So you’ll have to accept the complexity and entertain yourself with seeing how many balls you can keep in the air for the duration.

Capricorn: You are here with a big red arrow. Is it where you want to be? Did you arrive by accident? Did you stop along a way more incidental than intentional? If this is not the place of your conscious choice, it may behoove you to make a play for what you really want.

Aquarius: Destiny wears many faces. Fate takes many shapes. Fortune blows from every direction. You are the captain of your ship, but you want to pay attention to where you may be sailing. You may wish to give some thought to what you have stored in the holds below.

Pisces: Even if the whole mess was only a dream, it brought you a necessary and inescapable message. Even if the whole scene was only accidental, it showed you your mettle and brought you new allies. Even if you feel you’re done here, you have another level to learn through.