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DC responds to Maine voters repeal of gay marriage

Washington residents rally in Dupont Circle against loss of marriage in Maine, for marriage in the District of Columbia

Washington, DC’s gay marriage supporters protest the rollback of same-sex marriages in Maine on November 3. This hastily organized protest features speaker Michael Crawford of DC for Marriage, addressing a crowd of about 120.

Also, he directly speaks from the Dupont Circle fountain to Maggie Gallagher, President of the National Organization for Marriage, who says she happened to be passing by. NOM is the organization that spearheaded the effort to retract equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples. Voters approved the initiative reject same-sex marriage by a slim majority of 53-47%.

Other speakers and organizers include Rayyan Ghuma, David Thurston, and Aiyi’nah Ford, Peter Rosenstein, Nick McCoy, Alex Greenbaum and others.