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Must see TV: Rachel Maddow trounces ex-gay promoter based in Bowie, MD [video]

Dr. Rachel Maddow questioning the ex-gay promoter Richard Cohen on his ties to the upcoming bill in Uganda which in part calls for the imprisonment and/or execution of gay people. Cohen and his ridiculous “International Healing Foundation” have had close relations with the top proponents of the “kill the gays” bill, as have other ex-gay proponents, and many other socially conservative religious and political US citizens. Maddow here exposes Cohen’s lack of professional certification, to which he admits to only having an educational degree. She further exposes his fantasy claims that homosexuality is caused by poor relationship development, broken homes and race. She also exposes his published claim that gays are much more likely to molest children, to which he responds that that section is being taken out of context, and that he didn’t plan on printing it again in his next edition of the book. Cohen’s website lists a Bowie, Maryland PO Box on it’s contact page. Dr. Maddow (see video below) explains how the ex-gay movement is really an industry that sells books, recordings, and therapy to people who are conflicted over their gay attractions and their religious upbringings. (Rachel Maddow)

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