Metro Weekly


February 25-March 3, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Why is it that when you hold the mirror up to life, you keep focusing on that one zit and not the larger portrait of the times? Is it a flaw in your character? Is it a strength in your perceptual wardrobe? Sometimes how you frame the answer makes it valid. There is no true/false paradigm acceptable in real life. People are still wholly analog; digital sells our souls and potentials short. Open yourself to the larger possibilities whilst keeping abreast of the fine print.

Aries: You may not be feeling your best, but that’s no reason to turn down the adventure time has placed before you. You may not imagine you’re fully prepared, but when has that stopped you in the past? You may not know the answer, but you’d best set about finding it.

Taurus: Your superior tactile capacity rarely gives you the edge in this modern world. But here comes a chance to shine through your awareness of the tiniest details and your ability to give them the attention they deserve. Don’t procrastinate, but do take your time Sunday.

Gemini: You’ve been running the Red Queen’s race trying to stay in one place. What would it take to get ahead? Have you considered stepping off the track in order to get a better perspective on what’s in play? Use your observational superiority to make new connections.

Cancer: Persistence serves you better in some cycles than in others. Intuition occasionally leads you right to your goals. Can you find a way to combine the two traits? Can you trust yourself to move in a direction which appears curved up close, but is direct from a distance?

Leo: Destiny wears a face you may not recognize this time. You know you’re getting closer to what you wanted when you started. But you don’t feel that you have the handle on the situation for which you’d hoped. It’s not a perfect world. That’s no reason to give up.

Virgo: Suddenly you have all the answers. Suddenly you’re the go-to person for solutions. Suddenly you’re more powerful in the vacuum of leadership than anyone could have anticipated. Don’t let it go to your head. It’s a distraction, an illusion, a point along a line.

Libra: Once you’ve understood that your dreams will stay only dreams until you person-up and set your nose to the grindstone, you’re most of the way there. You can achieve anything to which you set your mind and bring your heart, but you have to go the distance.

Scorpio: You have a community and you’re not afraid to use it—right? It’s not an imposition, it’s a new position. You’ve given everything you could to make others more able to become themselves. Will you deny yourself the same chance? Seek a Capricorn for counsel.

Sagittarius: It will always be the littlest things which bring you the greatest grief. You have a good eye for the big picture—and hardly any patience for the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts. Fine. Delegate what you can and distribute the rest across enough time you don’t go crazy.

Capricorn: You’re rested and ready, though you haven’t got the tan just right. You’re good to go, but you doubt your own capacity to fulfill the obligations of the dream. If you can’t bring yourself to trust you might as well rely on your famous perseverance. Go the distance.

Aquarius: No, you’re not the loony. The situation itself has gotten out of hand. Can you center yourself in the maelstrom of diffused command in order to bring chaos into some form of perceptible order? You could if you’d give yourself an extra minute and a few deep breaths.

Pisces: Time is on your side. The tide may not be. This constant push and pull as the universe drags at the edges of reality–stretching and refining it into the thin membrane of life as we know it–causes you some tough moments, but it tenderizes your commitments!


February 18-24, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: The world may be slouching toward Bethlehem, vandalizing and defacing as it goes, but this isn’t a free pass to behave as badly as your peers. Nor is it a competition to see if you can somehow outdo them with spur-of-the-moment ingenuities. So let go of the zeitgeist in order to make a life for yourself in the midst of the general chaos. You’ll find that being alert lets you on to a good thing you might otherwise miss—pay closest attention on Monday. Reconsider.

Aries: If you had more energy things would go differently. If you had better focus you would proceed at a different rate. If you had more resources you would show yourself in a much better light. But this is your real life and the time of it is now. So get on with getting on.

Taurus: You expect it to be difficult. You prepare for the worst so that you can be pleasantly surprised when your fears aren’t realized. Now readjust your perspective. This is as bad as it can get. You have hit the bowl of the arc and are on the way up, even if you don’t know it.

Gemini: Small demons of mischief play tag between your ears. Small acts of unkindness spur you on to more frequent acts of malice. Small changes could prevent these slips in conduct. But you would have to take charge of yourself. Get in touch with your inner nanny.

Cancer: Are you ready to play in rough waters? I didn’t think so. Is there anything you can do to buffer the effects of the friction of the world on your tender soul? Yes. Do you have to wrap yourself in the cotton wool of indifference? No. Be proactive. Choose, and then act.

Leo: What you knew and when you knew it will be a point of speculation for some time to come. Who else knew and what responsibility they had for the information will haunt one or more of you for some time to come. But your reasoning is sound and ego isn’t the point.

Virgo: Design and deliberation can change everything when properly applied. There’s hardly anyone more capable than yourself, when you’re not incapacitated by your worries and fretting. Release the insecurities and get on with making the big picture come together.

Libra: Time and tide press you once again. You didn’t pick the conditions, but you will play through since this is what’s on your plate. If you could also bring a pleasant attitude to the table, you would do yourself a world of long-term good. Think your happy thought Sunday.

Scorpio: Does it always have to be about sex or money or both with you? Maybe it does. There’s a point of view for everyone. Don’t try to hide behind the facade you imagine others require to find you acceptable. Be yourself. Only make certain you’re conscious as well.

Sagittarius: Did you look before you leapt? No? Well, pick yourself up and perform a quick body survey to make certain you’re still in one piece and functional. Now you have to choose your new direction and go for it as though it were the first and only one ever.

Capricorn: You can do what comes next. You can do what’s in front of you. You can take care of outstanding business. And you can succeed at the same time. Don’t put your dreams on hold just because you’ve fallen behind. Don’t beat yourself up, just get going—it’s all jake.

Aquarius: You’re floating, drifting and spinning. You’re detached from normality and thrown into a world of fun-house mirrors and disconnected dream-like sequences. So long as you keep an open heart and open eyes, you’ll come out the other side smelling like roses. Smile.

Pisces: It isn’t your fault, though they may try to blame you. It isn’t your problem, though they may try to recruit you. It isn’t your field of expertise, though they may wish to consult you. Pick it up, or walk away, but don’t be cruel and leave ’em hanging without resolution.


February 11-17, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Spend the weekend tying up the loose ends and severing the dead connections. Use your time wisely and productively to clear the way. You’ll want to have everything off your plate with i’s dotted and t’s crossed and filed correctly. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of the next new thing. You’ll know what it is when it smacks you in the face with a super-sized ”Eureka!” Suddenly, you’ll have a purpose and a direction and resources the likes of which you’d never envisioned before.

Aries: You’ve seen so many new things you might think you’d seen them all. But here’s a chance to gain a fresh perspective from an unexpected, even unimaginable, vantage point. Make the most of this rare opportunity. Lightening rarely strikes twice in the same place!

Taurus: Is it you or is it the work you do? Sometimes you have trouble telling the two apart when you become absorbed in making the whole thing move from simple rhythm to complex harmony. But you have both the patience and the stamina to get from here to there.

Gemini: It comes as a surprise to you too. You hadn’t thought you were like that. Suddenly, the connections are undeniable. And oddly, you don’t resent having your world view turned on its head. Instead, you’re delighted to find you enjoy having a brand new world.

Cancer: You’re not in your element. You’re adaptable, but can you push yourself far enough to make this stick? Do you even want to? Work on physical flexibility to extend your mental gymnastics capability. You have some interesting problems. They have unusual solutions.

Leo: You’re a good sport. You’re a team player. You’re one of the gang. But only so long as everyone can see that you’re slumming a little when you hang out. What if you really are only one of the many, many people making up the masses? Can you live with that? Ponder.

Virgo: It isn’t what you’re used to. It isn’t what you want. It isn’t when it should have been. For all that, this alien option may yet be the saving of you and your purity of purpose and satisfaction in your best practices. Give the outside long-shot a chance. This is your lucky day.

Libra: You’ve seen it all. You’ve survived most of it. But you do better when you’re not distracted. Here’s where the going gets fractal and the fractal get fragmented if they don’t pay serious attention to the here and now. Meditate to bring your focus back up to par on Monday.

Scorpio: You didn’t want it to be easy. You didn’t want it to be cookie-cutter. You didn’t want it to be there for everyone. And now you have what you were praying for. It’s amazing. It’s incredible. And it’s going to be more than a handful, even for you. Practice makes perfect, right?

Sagittarius: You’re not the underdog, but it helps if that’s how folks perceive you. You’re more ready to win against long odds when you’re surrounded by true believers. Separate the sheep from the goats and let the ones who aren’t behind you leave the building early.

Capricorn: Don’t touch that dial! You’ve been assaulted by the crumbling assumptions of your own theory of living. That’s going to be okay in the long run, though it hurts like hell right now. You’ll see (in retrospect) how all this confusion brings the best of the rest right to you.

Aquarius: It’s your turn. Open your eyes, unplug your ears, and pay close attention to everything that goes on around you. It’s like a scavenger hunt. You’ll find things you never knew you valued and miss out on things you’d have sworn were commonplace everywhere. Enjoy.

Pisces: When you sleep, you dream. What you dream, from time to time, tells you the way you’ve been and the way to go. You’re in a phase of life where the messages of your unconscious mind are particularly fecund and directive. Pay close attention to the options they describe.


February 4-10, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: There’s a price to be paid, and it’s as inexorable as time, tide and taxes. Was it worth the tab you ran up on the Karmic debt meter? Was it worth the second mortgage on your soul? Was it worth the cost to your ethics and integrity? Given how late it is for buyer’s remorse, you may have to find how to live with your choices and the expenditure of energy they’ve represented ever since. There’s a silver lining in knowing what you’re paying for.

Aries: Test your understanding before leaping into the fray, weapons drawn and wildly brandished as your blood-curdling battle cry rings out. You’ll want to be 100 percent certain who you’re defending/attacking and, if possible, what happens after. Wear gold to shine Friday.

Taurus: Welcome to the long, dark teatime of the soul. Funny how just when it’s getting lighter outside, your interior vista becomes darker and more prone to shadow and contrast. Make note of the chiaroscuro within and all around you. There’s a lesson in perspective for you.

Gemini: You couldn’t resist and now you’re wondering what the impact will be when the word gets around. People like you, they really do. But they also want to trust you and to rely on you and to make you a part of their long-term equation of camaraderie. How can you help?

Cancer: You’d known since the beginning that it might come to this. You let yourself forget the worst-case scenario for a little while. And then the possibilities came crashing down on you like an emotional tsunami. Hang onto your deeply rooted faith in happy endings and sing.

Leo: Yes, it really can take as long as that. Yes, it seems to be taking at least twice as long as you’d expected, even though you’ll find you’re still on schedule if you go back and check your notes. Yes, things will work themselves out. Time is more on your side than force.

Virgo: You’re on edge and you’re certain you have good reason. Even so, you might be more productive if you allowed yourself to relax and kick back in your attitude if not your work load. Find a way to take the low-vibe road to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Libra: You’ve seen more than you’d expected. You’ve learned more than you knew. You’ve been there and back again and you’re still not done — not by a long shot. So buckle down and find your rhythm and call in a few favors and the process will proceed from there.

Scorpio: It isn’t a matter of blame, or a matter of bailiwick, or a matter of authority. But there’s still a problem and there’re still turf issues and there’s still responsibility. So step up to the plate and let yourself shine as you take on the beast and go the distance.

Sagittarius: Like Hamlet, you have bad dreams. Like Macbeth, you fear your creditors. Like Romeo, your timing is off. But you have something they don’t: a positive outlook and winning disposition. You’ll be called on to act the bigger person, but you have the chops and game alike.

Capricorn: Stop pointing the finger. It came from within and that’s all there is to it. Stop hiding your head. It won’t get better with added ignorance. Stop planning your retreat. It will follow you like the Furies if you try to skip out. Stand your ground. Stand proud and tall.

Aquarius: If you go all the way there, how do you plan to get back? How will you cover if you’re delayed? How will you square it with your budget and your conscience? It’s tempting, but so is trying to eat your weight in chocolate in one sitting. It isn’t a good idea. Rethink!

Pisces: You’ve walked the line. You’ve toed the line. You’ve drawn the line. You’ve dared others, and yourself, to cross the line. What else can you do with this useful, proto-geometric element? It’s time to find the function in the form and to maximize your outcomes with best inputs.