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The Duplex Diner dons drag and raises a Love Boatload for Haiti….

Kandi Dish.jpg

Hearsay sends VD kudos (that’s the Valentine’s Day kind, not the kind that makes your wee-willie-winkie turn black and fall off) to the 18th & U Duplex Diner. Last Saturday, Feb. 13, the Adams Morgan mainstay held its annual Valentine’s Day is a Drag benefit, and raised $5,000 for the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and the Humane Society, with the funds earmarked for Haitian Earthquake Relief. “The money was raised essentially one dollar at a time,” marveled the Diner’s Eric “My Beef has a First Name: Angus” Hirshfield. Which stands to reason, of course, since Sir Hirshfield marshaled a bevy of drag performers and servers — including Wilma Fingerdo, Alma Chillren, Kandi Dish, and the always-effervescent Peaches — to pry the cash out of a constant onslaught of patrons’ willing hands, wallets, clutch-purses and extremely well-concealed moneybelts. (Remember: The best drag queens can sniff a dollar hidden in even the deepest, darkest of orifices.)

Hearsay was eager to watch video from the event, but a search on YouTube for Valentine’s Day is a Drag only turned up the following fetching pre-publicity gem. Hearsay wonders what it might get if it types the same search string into XTube….

Valentine’s Day is a Drag 2010 Promo