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From Freedom Plaza to Handcuffs [video]

Kathy Griffin headlines DADT-repeal rally as Dan Choi chains himself to White House fence to protest military policy of expelling gays and lesbians

Kathy Griffin was the headliner for the Human Rights Campaign rally for repeal of ”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” held under sunny skies on Thursday, March 18, on D.C.’s Freedom Plaza, but Lt. Dan Choi ended up with equal billing. After an enthusiastic rally featuring a speech from My Life on the D-List star Griffin, Choi took the stage to encourage the crowd to join him in a march to the White House. Once there, Choi and veteran James Pietrangelo chained themselves to the White House fence. Both were arrested.

For more: Choi and Pietrangelo were arraigned on Friday, March 19. Both pleaded not guilty to charges of failure to obey a lawful order, and are scheduled for trial April 26.

Watch Kathy Griffin’s entire speech.