Metro Weekly


April 1-7, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: You’re stodgy and sluggish and you can’t stand the sight of the sun. April Fool! As it turns out, there’s energy and to burn just lying around waiting to be taken advantage of. You are the captain of your ship and the master of your soul. You have more choices than God has fingers. Stop dreaming and start doing. You’ll find you have whatever you need right around the corner. You only have to gird up your loins and make it true. Happiness is where you find it.

Aries: You’re turbo-charged and can’t seem to wear yourself out with all the things you have on your plate. Will you give 110 percent in order to go the distance? Are you wondering how you got so powerful when you weren’t looking? Only the Shadow knows.

Taurus: Sympathy and empathy may often feel like a big time suck. This is true now. You’re not required to reach out and help to your utmost, but you might want to ask yourself why you’re feeling as though you couldn’t. Retail therapy could change your p.o.v.

Gemini: You’re not confused; you’re just lost. You’re not stupid; you just don’t know the material. You’re not without resources; you just don’t know how to apply them. It’s not a matter of whose fault it is. It’s more a matter of getting centered enough to pay attention.

Cancer: Look around. You’ll want to keep this picture in your imagination. There’s still so much to learn and do. Yet right now has a sort of perfection. Revel in it. Roll in it. You’re at the beginning of the next big phase and you may as well acknowledge the fact. Start over.

Leo: It wasn’t the dream that moved you. It was the reality you saw in the lives of others. It wasn’t the anticipation, but the realization. It wasn’t the futurity of the situation, but the presence of its potential. You’re gifted, talented and not afraid of the work in front of you.

Virgo: You’ve walked through the fire and now you know how strong you are. Try not to forget this basic lesson. Trust yourself to be capable of more than what physics and biology describe. The ineffable is on your side, but you’ll have to reach out to make it happen.

Libra: You’re all about defining yourself in terms of the people around you. It might hurt a little to step outside your comfort zone, but you owe it to yourself to find out who you think you are when it’s just you in the room. Don’t be afraid to look in that mirror. Answer promptly.

Scorpio: You can do anything you want to do. You only have to want to do it. Bring desire back to the table. Bring your heart to the tasks in front of you. Bring your whole self and don’t be afraid to reach past the old boundaries into magically new territory. You can do it.

Sagittarius: Life is indeed a bowl of cherries. You are the farmer and this is your crop to harvest. You will be reaping as you have sown — and you have cast more than bread upon the waters. Don’t be afraid of the consequences waiting for you. You did your very best.

Capricorn: Time and tide are finally in sync with your biorhythms. It’s a hoot to push yourself to wholly unimaginable limits — and well worth the suffering that preceded this time of triumph and accomplishment. You will overcome former obstacles and get there!

Aquarius: You used to be afraid to reach out. You learned to hide in your head and watch patiently without contributing for fear no one would understand. Now you have the right audience. Now you have the best platform. Now you have the opportunity. Go for it.

Pisces: Sincerity can be its own form of flattery, when you’re feeling as positive as you are about the current who and what. Feel before you commit. Listen before you answer. Wake and tell yourself your dreams before you head out to do battle with all your dragons.

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March 25-31, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: The earth is warming. The sky is opening. The world is busy becoming. What’s your excuse? Nothing’s running smoothly; it never does. There are unexpected obstacles; there always are. Yes, it isn’t how you’d thought it would be. So, you’re dissatisfied and people are not playing nicely together. But this is your real life. You won’t get anywhere sitting and pouting. Pick your objective and charge. Bring your whole heart to the table: the stakes are high, but the prize is worth it.

Aries: It could be your turn, at long last. You’ve been patient (for you, anyway). You stood around and found other things to do. Now you have the chance to leap into action. Don’t let kindly words from the more experienced deter you. Your innocence will protect you.

Taurus: There was a sound. It woke you. But you can’t remember what it was. That’s okay. What’s important is that you’re awake and ready to do something with yourself and your time. Do what the voice in your head tells you to do. Ignore common sense this time around.

Gemini: You’re a contender. But you have to get over your fear of being bullied. It’s not always in your best interests to slide around the conflict. Sometimes you have to face that challenge head on. And don’t let anyone play the superior knowledge card. It’s not true.

Cancer: Who can judge you better than yourself? Who can call you out on your flaws better than yourself? Who can make you pay for your errors in conduct more thoroughly than yourself? Careful what conclusions you draw. The mistake you make will be your own.

Leo: You’re determined, no question. You’re skilled, it’s true. You’re upright in your conduct, without a doubt. You can have everything you want, but you’ll have to decide if you can let go of your advantages and take a shortcut through the moral low road to get there.

Virgo: Simplicity would be restful. Sadly, it’s not a possibility at the present time. Happily, you really do multi-task well. So gird up your loins and get on with handling as many things at once as your possibly can. Call in a flakey ally–the unexpected perspective might work.

Libra: You’re not as fussy as you seem. Well, not all the time. If you can’t let go of your crankiness, can you turn it to your advantage? Ask a mentor to guide you through the shoals and shallows of playing the heavy. Don’t be afraid to lighten up after Monday. Reboot.

Scorpio: You’re not a bird. You’re not a plane. You’re not Superman. Hell, you’re not Underdog either. Stop with the heroics. You’ll live longer, better and with more to contribute if you only calm down and make a reasonable do-list. Commit after reading carefully.

Sagittarius: You’ve done more difficult things. But you’ve done them for others. This is something you want to do for yourself. This is something no one else can do for you. This is something upon which much of the future as you currently assess it may hang. Go forth!

Capricorn: You don’t want excuses. You want results. You don’t want delays. You want forward motion. You don’t want confusion. You want organization. It’s nice to want. The times are interesting, and you’re living in them. Relax and accept the inevitability of it all.

Aquarius: Could you feel more uncertain and destabilized? One person’s meat is another person’s poison. Others will genuinely have no idea why you’re in distress. Your condition is real. Your perceptions are true. Your analysis is accurate. Now go resolve the issue.

Pisces: Everything was going along swimmingly, and then you got burned by that uprising. Listen to your dreams if you want to find the best of all possible solutions. Pay attention to the trees if you want to learn how to endure. Commune with rushing water to come clean.


March 18-24, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: This is the threshold of the year. This is where the big push from winter into spring begins. This is when it’s necessary to be and do whatever makes the most of all the ambient energy floating around now. Have a song ready. Have your patter down. Have a few steps you put together in your current repertoire. There’s a new role in town, and you’re ready to begin playing it. But first you audition. Convince the universe of the essential rightness of you being you.

Aries: You might have reacted differently if you hadn’t been under pressure. You might have used another skill set if your recent dreams hadn’t distracted you. You might have seen an outcome more to your liking if you hadn’t been so convinced of your method. Make more changes.

Taurus: The weather whispers your name while you sleep, tugging at your sleeve like a 3-year-old cousin readier to play than to help set the table. Your inner 7-year-old wants to be grown-up and do the right thing. The rest of you has spring fever real bad.

Gemini: You went to sleep an unctuous, off-colored larva. Now you awaken a vibrant, silken-furred moth. Use your transcendent metamorphosis to get you ready to move up and move on toward your ideals. Don’t beat yourself up for one tiny mistake. Go boldly!

Cancer: Is it the birds? No, you’re already awake by then. You can’t blame them. But you can learn from them. There may be times of year where you can get more from every day by starting it earlier. In your personal biorhythmic sphere it is dawn all week. Do more.

Leo: You looked twice before you jumped into a conclusive mode. You checked assumptions against the norms and a number of anecdotal events on record. You were thorough. You were impartial. You were just. And now you’re just crazy. Take a deep breath.

Virgo: It might be the light. The more of it you have in your day, the better your frame of mind and the more focused your intelligence. You can get a frightening amount done under these conditions. You’re ready to go to the mats for what’s most important right now.

Libra: You looked carefully. You weighed the evidence. You learned the matter from the inside out. And yet, you feel more biased than ever. It’s an illusion. Sort of reverse Stockholm Syndrome, in that you lose empathy for your efforts. Let go of your desire.

Scorpio: Tintinnabulations run through your head. You can’t stop playing multiple loops all the time. You can’t let go of past shortcomings to find the champion of your soul. You can’t keep playing God; it’s not seemly and it takes up too much of your time. Leave Sunday.

Sagittarius: When higher mind wages war against itself, you don’t have to take sides. You can sit out the fracas, admiring strategy and familiarizing yourself with form and conduct. You’ll want to get involved anyway. Just remember to wear your armor and helmet.

Capricorn: It isn’t a disgrace. It’s just a form of auditing. It’s to get you back to seeing the nuts and bolts from a perspective of personal responsibility. Your influence spreads more widely than you know. Others will learn from, if they don’t follow, your exemplary lead.

Aquarius: You’re engaged right down to your toes. You feel wholly committed to the process. You couldn’t stop paying attention if your life depended on it. How long can this heightened state of awareness last? How much can you accomplish while you’re in the zone?

Pisces: You can’t believe everything you read. You can’t believe half of what you hear. But you can believe what your heart tells you without any editing or fact checking. Trust your instincts and go with your intuitions. Your best girl will give the scoop on Saturday night.


March 11-17, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? When a soul gets old enough, does it get to start over if it hasn’t achieved satori (the bliss of enlightenment removing one from the wheel of being)? We stand at the crossroads with a view of the path our journey has taken so far–and a view of all the possible paths before us. Choose intentionally with a wisdom-optional focus. Intuition dictates that risk, or playfulness or mystery or connection may be the determiner.

Aries: Let your inner hero take a vacation while you get in touch with your inner good-sense. A number of tasks on your do-list are time sensitive and will not wait while you conquer and triumph. Just because it hurts doesn’t make you braver for putting up with the pain.

Taurus: Look with fresh eyes. Listen with open ears. Reach out with delicacy. Something you’ve long taken for granted has made a Protean shift, becoming utterly other. Something close to you has changed its trajectory (and yours) in the instant between two heartbeats. Lift.

Gemini: You are as you have been, but the world will not remain static to please your sense of complacency. Will you rail against the Fates? Will you challenge your doom? Will you walk with awareness and honesty into a new world? Don’t use logic to get where you’re going.

Cancer: Apply yourself with no thought of the benefits to come. The benefits are already clustered in the here and now. Work towards the present; the future can take care of itself. Set yourself wholly in the moment and you will find you’re in the right place at the right time.

Leo: Moral complexity is what it is. No, it’s not all good; to say as much is to tell yourself an unforgivable untruth. At the same time, you can’t know the eventual outcomes or all the circumstances constraining the contexts. Let your heart show you the way home Monday.

Virgo: Drape a veil over the mirror if you can’t stand the reflection of your own unrealized desires. But don’t walk away from your dreams because you couldn’t bring them to perfection last time around. You have a ways to go and resources you have not yet begun to tap. Reveal.

Libra: You can’t know yourself wholly, even if logic and the philosophers say differently. It would be like a surgeon operating on herself. Get perspective by stepping away to take a new look at an old vista. You may find the terrain has shifted. You may find a new road to travel.

Scorpio: It wasn’t the wind, or a little bird, that told you so. But now you know down to your toes and you’re both reassured and repositioned in your attitude. Get ready to put that knowledge to work. There’s so much yet to be done. Happily, you’re the one to take it on.

Sagittarius: You’ve been here before, and you’ve done these same tasks in other milieu. So why aren’t you bored this time around? Why doesn’t it seem like the same tired hamster wheel? Could it be your extended understanding? Could it be a brief fling with maturity?

Capricorn: Now is the winter of your discontent melted off in favor a fabulous fresh beginning! You have the tools at hand. You have the materials you require. You have the skills–even if they have become rusty. Prepare yourself for extreme fabulosity by Sunday.

Aquarius: You don’t have to be overwhelmed. You don’t need to be ashamed. You don’t want to be involved. And yet, you don’t have the control to which you’ve become accustomed in dealing with the matter at hand. Revamp your outputs and analyze your time use to win.

Pisces: Nobody blames you but you. Doesn’t that tell you something about the whole sorry mess? Nobody expects you to do more about it than you already have. No, don’t walk away. You’re a different person than that. But you’ll get more done when you dump the guilt.


March 4-10, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: You’ve made it this far. You can’t give up. The tide is finally turning. The handwriting is on the wall and it can’t be easily erased. Further, there’s jewelry in your immediate future (though I can’t guarantee it will be at all to your exacting taste). You get to choose from a wardrobe of outcomes. There are best-case scenarios which go with hopes and dreams. There are acceptable outcomes which go well with diminished expectations. And there’s settling, which still only works with disillusionment and dismay.

Aries: You’re still bringing your ”A” game, so why does everyone else look like it’s all over and the fat lady’s sung and headed home? You don’t have to know when to say when here. You’re still in it to win it, and you must do your level best to make the most of what comes next.

Taurus: Faint heart never won fair prize. Equally, discretion is still the better part of valor. So work at getting under the radar of the opposition (and you’d better believe there’s lots of opposition out there) and continue making your deliberate, careful way forward. Yes, you can!

Gemini: Paradise suffers from its own perfection. Perfection is stasis. Stasis is just endless sameness — and you don’t want that. So aim a little lower. You can do so much without having to fall into the trap of being without flaw or stain. Heck, wear patterns to mask that stain!

Cancer: Are you there yet? Is it time? Is it your turn at long last? You can use your energy to ask the questions, or you can assume some degree of control over the situation and become more proactive on your own behalf. I’ll let you make the tough decision.

Leo: You’re still the king of the castle. You’re still the host with the most. You’re still the one who causes every head to turn when you walk into the room. So quit moping and get out there and do your darnedest to show the world you never lost your mojo in the first place.

Virgo: It isn’t a picnic, but that’s okay — you’re not a huge fan of ants. It’s not a party, but that’s okay — you don’t do your best when you’re over-stimulated. It isn’t your birthday, but that’s okay — you prefer not being the center of attention. So relax and enjoy the ”betweens.”

Libra: You’re still waiting and your threshold for boredom isn’t gaining depth. What else can you do to while away the time until you’re where you need to be making the most of every minute? Learn to find the proactive in the semi-passive. You have an outside chance Friday.

Scorpio: Desire and obstinacy can take you only so far, right? In your case, maybe not. But you can always benefit from good advice, another perspective and third-party analysis. Put your head together with those whose wisdom you respect. There’s still a long way to go.

Sagittarius: Heaven helps the ones who help themselves. And I don’t just mean to seconds. So get up and get going. You’ve had plenty of time to get your head around the big picture. Now it’s time to zero in on the nitty-gritty. Actions speak louder than words or stripes.

Capricorn: You put it off long enough. You set aside your own dreams in order to make the system do what was most necessary. But this isn’t a five-year plan on the old-skool commune. You can only really live your life for yourself. Put the obstacles aside and get going.

Aquarius: It’s convenient to blame the weather. It’s useful to blame one’s parents. It’s meaningful to blame the context (or lack thereof). None of these to the point at hand. Now stop shifting the onus from others, take up the burden of being yourself and enjoy!

Pisces: You were there when it all began. You’ll be there long after the dust has settled and it’s all over (including the shouting). You could respect yourself for tenacity. You could applaud yourself for persistence. You will respect yourself for your follow through.