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Kathy Griffin supports gay soldiers [video]

Bravo comedian speaks against ''Don't Ask, Don't Tell'' at DC rally

On Thursday, March 18, Kathy Griffin joined a crowd gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C., calling for a repeal of ”Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

A two-time Emmy winner for her Bravo television show My Life on the D-List, Griffin remarked that her appearance at the Human Rights Campaign’s ”Repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Now” rally capped a week of lobbying against DADT on Capitol Hill.

In this video, she tells about meeting several gay-supportive members of Congress, and also about her run-ins with Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor, and Scott Brown. She then relays her experience at the Senate Armed Services Committee, including a special parting message for Saxby Chambliss.

Here is her speech in its entirety. Watch for an extended version of the day’s events – including interviews from the rally’s attendees – later.

Part 1

Part 2