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Fox’s Bill O’Reilly wonders if McDonald’s gay inclusive campaign welcomes terrorists, too

”My question is, ‘Does that make you want to buy a Big Mac?’ … Does that make you hungry to watch that? Because you know straight people are going to watch that, too. Does it make you run out? You want some fries with that? … I don’t know why they’re doing it? … So, look. They want to make a political statement selling burgers. They’re entitled to it. It’ll never run in the USA…. Do they have an Al Quaida ad, ‘Come as you are?”’

 Bizarre set of comments by Fox News’ host, Bill O’Reilly, regarding a new commercial running in France for McDonald‘s. The incredibly subtle ad shows an interaction between a young man, his father, and an off-camera phone caller who the viewer is left to conclude is the son’s boyfriend. The ad ends with ”venez comme vous etes.” Much is being said across the internet about the ad — likely a first for the ubiquitous fast-food chain. But O’Reilly’s indignation and inclusion of a “terrorist organization” in the conversation is baffling many today. (Fox News via Think Progress)

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