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So You Think You're a Drag Queen @ Town Danceboutique: Episode 4 [video]

Town Danceboutique's increasingly popular monthly contest continues

Nine contestants — that’s right, NINE — took part in So You Think You’re a Drag Queen at Town Danceboutique on Friday, June 4, 2010. The montly show is hosted by Lena Lett and Shi-Queeta-Lee.

Challenges included having to sing a number while balancing on a teetering skateboard, and fashioning a stylish (!) outfit from Metro Weekly magazine (which featured Melissa Etheridge on its cover).

Highlights of the evening, which grew more fun and frenzied as it progressed, included a moment where Lena Lett called a recently-married couple to the stage and gave them the full Lena treatment, as well as a moment in which one of the contestants performed Proud Mary, which is, as anyone familiar with D.C. drag knows, Shi-Queeta-Lee’s song.

The winner will go on to compete in the December finals.

The next So You Think You’re a Drag Queen is Friday, July 2. For details on how to enter, visit Town Dancboutique.

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