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Fox News talker Glenn Beck isn’t against gay marriage? [video]

”Honestly, I think we have bigger fish to fry. You can argue about abortion or gay marriage, or whatever all you want. The country is burning down…. Instead of arguing about these divisive things. Let’s get back into our churches and our synagogues…. I’m covering what I cover. You cover what you cover. Both of us are saying the same thing, ‘Watch the culture….’   Will the gays come and get us!? I believe that Thomas Jefferson said, ‘If it neither breaks my leg, nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?’ As long as we don’t go down the road of Canada, where it’s a problem for churches to have free speech; if they can still say, ‘Hey, we oppose it, but we’re not trying to kill anybody.”

Glenn Beck responding to Bill O’Reilly about why he is not a “cultural warrior” — that is, why he doesn’t speak often about gay marriage or abortion. Beck’s response is that people like O’Reilly are already doing that part, so he is moving on to other issues. Some are seeing this as a sign of libertarian tolerance from the otherwise ranting and raving Beck, but in reality, he says nothing here in favor of gay marriage either nor for the rights of same-sex couples to be legally wed. He states that marriage is a “religious rite” which has nothing to do with government. (FOX News via YouTube)

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