Metro Weekly


August 26-September 1, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: You have seen the future, and you’re not sure you approve. It might be preferable if that which has not yet come to pass were more shaped, more concrete, more manageable. But no, it’s all amorphous and fuzzy-edged and ringed in possibilities. What can you do to bring your path into better focus? How can you sharpen up the edges and the corners of that which you are calling your life? Where will you find the key to clarity? You might try looking within. Think bluebird!

Aries: You’ve kept your hands in your pockets until now. You’ve been the soul of discretion, as far as you’re aware. You’ve stayed out of sight—though not out of mind. Is it time to make yourself big again? Is it time to bring your light out from under the bushel basket? Call early.

Taurus: You’ve been around the block on your tricycle so many times you’re feeling dizzy. What could you do to feel more productive? How could you deepen your effect on the matter at hand? When will you stop holding your breath and start speaking out again? Ask a Capricorn.

Gemini: You were there first. You were the one with the grasp of the situation. You were the one triaging for all you’re worth. Should you let the credit and acclaim land on someone else’s shoulders? Should you step back away from the limelight? What are the real politics?

Cancer: Is it your turn to be at the front of the line? Are you ready to step up to the podium? Can you avoid the peer pressure being brought to bear on you? Do you even want to? You’ve got a higher purpose in mind and you’re ready to pay in order to play through. Discuss.

Leo: If it were easy to be you, others wouldn’t be as impressed as they are with how handsomely you’re managing. Try to keep the whole thing in perspective as you move forward in tiny, mosaic-like increments. You’re further than you think toward your dream.

Virgo: Let it go and you’ll find you are blessed with more than you’d ever dared hope. Open your hand and good fortune will fly in your window. Open your heart and you will be surprised by what happens next. You have more inside you than you can imagine. Go Friday.

Libra: You’re settling. You don’t want to, but since you can’t have what you want you’ll have to make do. Is this defeatist? Is this reality setting in? Is this the only viable path left for you to walk? You might succeed more quickly if you let go of all that silly logic. Reconvene.

Scorpio: Once you take a moment to get your bearings, you’ll have a whole new set of issues on your plate when you turn back around. Does life give you more than you can bear? Is this all a bridge too far? Actually, you could manage this and more with the right motivation.

Sagittarius: It’s not out of reach if you only make up your mind to throw your whole person into the mix. You can go the distance, though it will take longer and be less satisfying when you get there than you’d told yourself. Is the journey reason enough to make the trip?

Capricorn: You’re the one in the center ring holding the whip. Why does it feel to you as though control has slipped wholly away? You could give it up and start over. You could walk away and change everything instantly. You could stick it out and see what happens next.

Aquarius: Let your mind wander. Let your imaginings have the upper hand. Let your suppositions run wild. Somewhere in the wilderness of your pre-conscious mind is the answer – maybe even a whole spectrum of answers. Are you brave enough to find the way there?

Pisces: You are still evolving. You won’t be done ever, not even when you’re dead. So don’t hold back. Don’t hold onto the moment – it can’t last. Let it run through your fingers and let yourself appreciate the sensation. Continue to become and your life will fulfill you manifold.


August 18-25, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Like ships passing in the night – really big ships – the gas giants of the zodiac are making waves as they track their cycles around the sun. What does this mean for those of us at the microcosm level? It means pressure will be brought to bear, both expected and out of the blue. It means that the status quo won’t hold still for us, even if we like things just the way they are. It means forging ahead into the unknown to win friends and influence people. Go!

Aries: You’re like a lion caught in a net. You’re just too powerful to manage the delicate and focused task of freeing yourself. You will need to call on the support of your most annoying acquaintance: those whose forte is in the details. This is a form of good debt. Create ties.

Taurus: Are you where you want to be? Are you with the right people? Are you living a life commensurate with your ethical beliefs and moral practices? Do you have the courage to re-examine those choices in the context of your greater life experience? Be brave Friday.

Gemini: You have looked into the abyss – and it looked right back at you. Are you changed by your intimacy with the ineffable? Are you moved to set a fresh course with newly minted objectives? Are you scared spitless? All this and more is possible, probable and healthy.

Cancer: Is morphology destiny? Can the shape of things as they currently are determine the shape of things to come? Yes and no might be the most realistic answer. You can change your own shape. You can change the shape of the space around you. Think butterfly effect.

Leo: No, you are not being snuck up on. No, you are not being intentionally baited prior to ambush. No, this isn’t sabotage. But yes, everything has changed direction while you were distracted. Your life has a new purpose, and your heart a new focus. Rejoice early.

Virgo: Contumely has found you again. How is it possible that one as upright as yourself should so often be the target of gossip and the victim of rumor? Could it be your abiding love of privacy? Could it be your natural dignity and reserve? Ignore the rabble and go forth.

Libra: You’ve got the whole world in your hands. But you feel paralyzed. You’ve got ideas to change a generation, and your tongue is stuck on ”mute.” You’ve got a rich and varied future ahead of you, but you can’t move from the paradigm of the present. Rethink.

Scorpio: You looked both ways before you crossed and you still almost got nailed. Well, you were distracted. Is that how it’s going to be? You don’t need the near misses. Can you thin down your calendar so that you may focus on what really matters? Ask an Aries.

Sagittarius: Are you a man or a mouse? Probably you’re a bit of both. Don’t let others nag you into acts of pointless heroism. Don’t psyche yourself out of your current position. Stay open to argument and keep the lines of communication going, but don’t fold early.

Capricorn: The going has gotten tough. You are tough enough to keep going. But do you have to? Do you want to? Should you at all? If your own considerations aren’t to the fore, you may have to ask yourself what you’re giving up to give to others. Is this what you want?

Aquarius: If you were a fish, you would swim away and it would all dissolve in bubbles behind you. But you aren’t. And it won’t. Stick around and hold the moral high ground until the cavalry arrives. Or run away and join the guerrilla resistance. Doing nothing is not an option.

Pisces: Potential resides in all things seen and unseen. Can you shape that potential to meet your ends? Have you the courage of that conviction? You could take a huge risk, and see amazing returns. You could take that risk and see everything in ruins. It’s a crapshoot.


August 12-18, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Sometimes it takes old mistakes to create new successes. Sometimes it takes old flaws to reveal new strengths. Sometimes it takes old pain to lay the groundwork for new joy. Try to find a means of integrating that which you have rejected formerly. Try to accept those faults which have been so emotionally costly over time. Try to relate to persons who have been inimical to your life trajectory before. Everything old is new again. This is a good time to rework the future with your past.

Aries: Even if you won’t always have Paris, you’ll always be able to say you did the right thing when your back was up against the wall. But don’t despair of your happily ever after. The new daily routine you adopt will bring you unexpected luck in love. Get there early.

Taurus: You are as you were, but the world around you has shifted dramatically. You find you don’t have the traction for your past ambitions. Now may be a good time to review your goals both in light of your ethics and your present interest levels. Consider the lilies of the field.

Gemini: It’s not that you aren’t paying attention; you’re just focusing on a spectrum of information largely invisible to others. What a pity no one quite believes you. Use your secret knowledge for good and the rewards you reap will be great and good alike. Dissemble.

Cancer: It’s not the catbird seat after all. It’s the hot seat. You’re not as surprised as you like to pretend about this current situation. You’re not as shocked by the prognosis as you let on. You’re not taken aback by the far reaching implications. So get out there and make a change!

Leo: When you dance with the Devil, it’s important to establish who’s leading early in the routine. If you don’t like the idea of being spun and working backwards and in reverse, you may need to find a new partner in sin. Don’t forego options formerly deemed unsuitable. Tempo!

Virgo: You’re readier now than you’ve ever been to show what you’re made of. But the only person whose good opinion you crave can’t give you the thumbs up. Could you choose a different person? How about a different benchmark? Rethink your exit strategy Friday.

Libra: Personalities have clashed before, but not like this. Things will be said which change forever after the very ground of being. Can your ethical stance allow you by-stander status? Or will you have to jump into the fray and commit yourself to taking sides? Be careful.

Scorpio: You’ve worn that hair shirt long enough. Send it off to the dry cleaners and look for something both more comfortable and more becoming. You’ll find your workload is more manageable if you break it into do-able chunks, rather than leaving it whole and unwieldy.

Sagittarius: When you look up, do you see stars? Are you standing at the front of the stage? Are you standing under the night sky? Are you looking at old glow in the dark stickers? Define your reality and work from there with a will and abandon. You’ll be noticed and applauded.

Capricorn: Your ambition has brought you this far. You may have to go the next stretch on willpower and sheer cussedness. You might also ask someone you’ve known in the past at a professional level to step up their interactions and make it personal. Saturday is lucky.

Aquarius: Can you make a life from the rags you’ve been tossed? Can you find motivation in the shreds of your belief system? Can you develop skills with the remnants of your understanding? These times aren’t easy, but your dreams may come true if you’re willing.

Pisces: You’ve been from here to there and back again. You’ve travelled the breadth of your soul widely. You’ve seen the sights in your heart of hearts. Now you’re ready to come out of the dark labyrinth bearing the seeds of a glorious future in your hand. Stay focused.


August 5-11, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: This is where you get as good as you gave. This is when your chickens come home to roost. This is how you learn to tally your karmic score board in the virtual reality game called ”life.” Are you prepared for the reckoning of your tab? Are you ready to learn the effects of your causation? Are you able to absorb (and reabsorb) that which you have put forth? Stay rested and relaxed. You’ll want to harbor your resources and retain your earned value. Reflect.

Aries: You’re as shiny as you’re likely to get. You’re as full of vim and vigor as the weather permits. You’re in deep, and longing to get deeper. You may need a guide to see you to and through the next stage of becoming. Will it be a spirit totem or the next-door neighbor?

Taurus: You are as you were, but the world hasn’t held as still. You’ll have to figure out what your paradigm for adaptation is, or ought to be, and work out what your progress can and should be in that direction. It’s lots of planning, but it obviates backtracking or doing over!

Gemini: It used to be loads of laughs. It used to be a challenging adventure. It used to be the thing to do and be seen doing. Now you’re undeniably in a rut. Now you’re bored and feeling a little trapped. Now you want the prize, without having to go through the contest. Hmmm.

Cancer: You are not without your resources. In fact, you’ve got what it takes and part of the package is your family of origin coupled to your family of choice. How can you make the most of what you have? How can you extend your reach to meet the needs of your grasp?

Leo: The light shines on you a little more fiercely, but you don’t mind the attention. You worry more about whether your antiperspirant will hold you in that optimal state for long enough to get you from here to there. Ephemerals are a distraction from the big picture.

Virgo: It’s all uphill from here, as usual. But you don’t have to do this alone. You can assemble the team of your choice and do the right thing with more than your usual ”lone gunman” approach. Are you ready to become a leader of persons? Are they ready, too?

Libra: This might be the breakthrough for which you’ve been waiting. This might be the opportunity that liberates you from the daily grind and mental uncertainty under which you’ve been laboring for so long. This might be an excuse to try cheering up and smiling.

Scorpio: You’re at the threshold. You’re neither wet nor dry. You’re neither hungry nor satisfied. You’re neither clothed nor naked. This is a tipping point, if you but have the wits to recognize it and the will to make the most of what this series of moments could mean. Use.

Sagittarius: Once you’ve had the dream, and remembered it, there’s no turning back to the mundane life with which you were formerly involved. So now what? Can you make your fantasy come true? Can you bring your vision to life? Can you live with not even trying?

Capricorn: It’s not easy right now, and it won’t get easier anytime soon. But your muscles will harden. Your emotions will stabilize. Your will will crystallize and the path you’re walking will become visible. Call on the strength of your acquaintances Friday.

Aquarius: You’ve been there and back again. You’ve looked into the mouth of the abyss and seen it looking back at you. You’ve ridden to the edge of time and heard the world ticking over. Now you have to take that power and focus it into your daily life. Do it soon.

Pisces: Sensitivity is your métier. But could you become less self-aware in order to do as needs must be done? Right now, you need a thicker skin and a more calloused hand with which to accomplish your ends. Doing so will make quick and sure that which might be messy.