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Parents of murdered soldier, Barry Winchell, ask for DADT policy to be repealed

Wally and Pat Kutteles

”Barry’s death was — and remains — a heart-wrenching tragedy for us. In the days and months afterward, we were comforted by the hundreds of letters and e-mails we received. Many of the authors were gay service members. We realized that our son was not alone in the torture he endured. We realized that “don’t ask, don’t tell” essentially makes it impossible for gays or those, like Barry, who are perceived to be gay, to seek the help of their superiors without risking investigation and discharge.”

Pat and Wally Kutteles, the surviving parents of Pfc Barry Winchell, a US Army soldier who was attacked with a baseball bat in 1999 while he slept. He passed away in the hospital at the age of 21. The Kutteles have written a heartfelt plea to the US Senate to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the policy that requires gay men and lesbians be discharged once their sexual-orientation is revealed. (CNN)

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