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Stephanie Miller comes out as a lesbian on her radio talk show

”I think I might throw up. I might even turn this into a fart joke — there might be some gastrointestinal distress…. There reaches a time in everybody’s life — you know, I’ve always been a very private person… I’ve always been an outspoken supporter of gay rights. I’ve reached my tipping to point to say, ‘I’m a gay woman!’ [bleep] I’ve got the gay on me! … There that wasn’t so hard, was it?…”

”The fact that I’m kind of a singler loser — elderly shut-in — that’s mostly true. Firemen, still think firemen are hot! … I wouldn’t want to hurt the gay rights movement, in terms of the argument, ‘Are you born gay?’ Because I have been with men and I have been attracted to men, but a lot of people have on this particular path.  You know, by the way, I haven’t made up boyfriends. I actually did turn my high school boyfriend gay…. Obviously, we turned each other gay….”

”I’ve always thought, ‘Do I owe everybody my sexual history?’ … As you know, I’ve been out to everybody — my family, my friends. Frankly, I think there’s a lot of people going, ‘Who didn’t know this?’… ”

”[Chely Wright] said to me, ‘Stephanie, those of us who can’t hide, that maybe don’t fit a specific stereotype…. I didn’t do it for me. I did it for the teacher in Kansas that has to take Pepto Bismol every day because she’s afraid they’re going to ask her what she did on the weekend. For the kid in Iowa who’s about to kill himself because he doesn’t think that there’s anybody like that in his town.’ And I think that’s part of moving this forward, this debate. It’s not just what some people say, ‘that freak at a parade.’ It’s your sister. It’s your daughter. It’s your doctor. It’s your lawyer, you know, whoever…. I’ve never lied on the air. I’ve never said I’m gay. I’ve never said I’m straight. Frankly, I’ve always been a  slut.”

”I said to [my 87-year-old mother], ‘I am attracted to men, but I’m more comfortable in a relationship with a woman.’ People ask me, ‘Are you bi?’ And, I thought, ‘Well, the last time I had a date with a man was in a Packard.’ … I spent so many years thinking [my family] would judge me, that I was judging them…. They couldn’t be more all-embracing.”

Stephanie Miller, a progressive radio talk show host, comedian, and CNN commentator, who recently came out as a lesbian one August 13. She also talked on air with her friend, country/western singer Chely Wright, saying that watching Wright coming out on Oprah Winfrey‘s show made her cry.  (

Miller’s show may be a little difficult to find in the DC Metro but the best OTA radio signals come from 1450 AM Charlottesville, VA or maybe from 1520 AM Buffalo, NY. And when the show is live, you can also hear it on her website.

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