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Gay actor Glenn Shadix dies accidentally; known for ‘Beetlejuice’ and other roles

”He was having mobility problems, and he was in a wheelchair…. It looks like he fell and hit his head in the kitchen, and that’s the cause of death.”

Susan Gagne, sister of actor Glenn Shadix, describing the circumstances of her brother’s accidental death. Shadix was best known for his character roles and voiceovers for Tim Burton films, other movies, and a number of TV shows — Otho the decorator in “Beetlejuice,” a preacher in “Heathers,” the Mayor from “Nightmare Before Christmas.” He had moved back to Alabama in recent years. (Huntsville Times)

”You can stop being ‘actively’ homosexual. But you’ll always be homosexual if you are a homosexual. And that’s my belief…. I’m highly motivated to speak out specifically against ‘aversion therapy,’ and the notion that you can change a person’s sexual identity — that it’s some sense of choice. Well, it was not a choice in my case, and I know of no choice…. Gay people of my generation owe it to generations to come to tell he truth….”

In 2009, Glenn Shadix talked to Truth Wins Out about his experience as a teenager. His father had forced young Shadix to enter “ex-gay therapy.” In a video posted last December, the actor recalled being electrocuted by a “therapist” who did so while instructing Shadix to sexually fantasize over a man’s photo. Shadix tried to commit suicide after that “therapy” failed, and he ended up in a coma. After he recovered, Shadix’s remorseful father learned to love and accept his teenage son as much as he could, for which Shadix said he was thankful. (Truth Wins Out) (Glenn Shadix’s blog)

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