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Ward 5: What The Post Editorial Wrought

NOM-Thomas.jpgUnsurprisingly, the National Organization for Marriage picked up on The Washington Post‘s endorsement of Ward 5 City Council candidate Delano Hunter — and the spirit behind it — in a new, divisive, vitriol-filled mailer opposing City Council member Harry Thomas, Jr., and supporting Hunter’s run to unseat Thomas.

The Post‘s editorial board treated the opposition to the District’s marriage equality bill being shown by Ward 5 City Council candidate Delano Hunter as somehow different from the opposition to the bill that the Post editorial board had spoken out against in the past. The Post wrote:

Mr. Hunter is not a supporter of marriage equality, but he is not the homophobe his critics make him out to be, but rather someone who thinks there is a way to provide equality for gays while respecting the beliefs of religious groups. He said he would not seek to change the law.

NOM, of course, shows no such alleged nuance and put its wholehearted opposition to marriage equality on display on the Capitol grounds earlier this summer — at an event attended by Hunter.

Since then — and since NOM’s other candidates have left their races or have no chance of winning them — NOM has focused its sights on Thomas, who voted for the marriage bill in 2009.

The latest flier, the back of which is shown above, was posted by Peter Montgomery at People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch blog earlier today. The front says, with a picture, “There Is a Better Choice – Delano Hunter Shares Our Values.”

And portions of The Post endorsement are splattered right in the middle of the front of the mailer.