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Write-in candidate earns impressive last-minute rating

As a write-in candidate for the Statehood-Green Party’s nomination to run for the City Council’s Ward 1 seat, Nancy Shia was not originally included in the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance outreach. The GLAA regularly rates candidates ahead of the primaries, as well as the general election.

Although she’s a latecomer to the GLAA process, Shia did last week earn a GLAA rating of 7.5. Ward 1 incumbent Jim Graham, who is gay and has long worked with the GLAA, received a rating of 10 – the highest possible score on GLAA’s scale of -10 to 10.

”In her questionnaire responses she agreed with GLAA on the issues and provided a good deal of substance,” GLAA’s Rick Rosendall wrote on the group’s blog post announcing the late rating. ”We were impressed with her record of personal involvement in a number of our issues, including support for marriage equality; support for the Medical Marijuana Treatment Initiative; observing, photographing and challenging police abuses; and training activists on how to defend themselves against overly aggressive or illegal law enforcement tactics.”

Ratings, along with a detailed breakdown of the points, for all City Council and mayoral candidates are available at

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