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Some bystanders step in to help ‘gay victim’ on bullying episode of ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’ [video]

”Well, I went over to him [and] say, what’s going on here?…And you know, I was ready to punch one of them with my left hand, but that didn’t happen, thank God.”

Mike Brady, a surprise participant in ABC‘s undercover investigation show, ”What Would You Do?” In this past Friday’s episode, the network set up a camera to capture what would happen when three teens surrounded and taunted a fourth teen for being gay. They report that most people passed by without taking any action — one man claiming, ”It wasn’t at a point where I thought I should jump in.” Brady, however, did step in despite having only one functioning hand due to an old hit-and-run accident.  (ABC / What Would You Do?)

”Leave the f*ing kid alone. He just wants to go, let him go. He wants to live his life, let him live his life…. What was the point of that? You’re gonna scare him straight? …  Whether you guys see it now or not, I was just like you at your age, too. And I’m a lot older now. And you’re wrong right now. You don’t understand how wrong you are.”

Ken Carr, a bike rider who also stopped to assist the ”gay teen.” Here, he tried to reason with three aggressors after helping the fourth to get his bag back so he could walk away.

The long-running program has tackled gay topics before — lesbian and gay couples being harassed by a patron at a sports bar, and by a waiter at a restaurant; watching reaction to lesbian and gay couples being affectionate in public; and to riders listening to an anti-gay taxi driver:

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