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Food & Friends returns with Thanksgiving fundraiser

Crossing into November, the scent is in the air. No, not the smell of dead leaves and burning logs. It’s fear – fear of pulling together that Thanksgiving feast.

To brine or not to brine that turkey? Let the vegetarians know there’s chicken broth in the mashed potatoes, or just sit on that secret? What chore to assign that guest who insists on ”helping”?

Thanksgiving can definitely come with a side of stress.

Food & Friends, however, which has been feeding thousands of seriously ill residents in the region since its founding as an AIDS organization in 1988, has a recipe for diminishing a Thanksgiving host’s anxiety.

In a word: pies. Buy one from Food & Friends, and that will be one course you won’t have to worry about.

”Last year, we sold nearly 5,000 pies and raised 180,000,” says Stacy England, the organization’s special-events coordinator. ”It’s our goal this year to sell 6,000 pies and raise $215,000. So far, things are going really well. We’ve already sold over a thousand pies.”

And while the ”Slice of Life” drive is primarily a fundraiser, it’s also a chance to help Food & Friends’ clients more directly by buying pies that will be delivered to clients along with full Thanksgiving meals, which allow ill clients the rare opportunity to thank their daily caretakers with some hospitality.

In all, Food & Friends is offering four pies at $25 apiece. A fifth offering isn’t a pie at all, but a chocolate-covered cheesecake – with a sweet spot. The US Airways Sky Pie costs a bit more at $40, but each cake includes a chance to win a $1,200 US Airways gift card.

To place a Slice of Life order, visit Food & Friends online at Deadline to order is Nov. 18. Pies will be available at numerous CVS stores on Tuesday, Nov. 23. For more information, call Food & Friends at 202-269-2277.

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