Metro Weekly


January 27-February 2, 2011

Heavenly Round-Up: You’re still swimming against the tide. There’s more good news there than you may be accustomed to noticing. One, you’re still swimming. (You haven’t yet sunk.) Two, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (You haven’t sunk yet, right?) So, you’re better than you were a year ago. You’re more capable than you were a year ago. You haven’t gotten everything done yet, but you’re prepped now that you know what you’re doing and for whom and why. What more do you want?

Aries: Is this a case of ”better the devil you know”? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you settling? Are you resigned to your station in life? Are you limited by your own conditions, or are you confusing those around you – and their issues – with yourself? Act!

Taurus: You could if you wanted to, but you don’t choose to do much of anything at this particular moment. Or so you like to say (quietly, under your breath). After all, this is the hibernating time of the year. But get ready to burst, active and evolved, from your chrysalis in spring.

Gemini: You’re thinking hard about your shortcomings and your oversights and your faux pas, and all the rest of where you didn’t git ‘er done. Go ahead, wallow in it if you think it will make you feel any worse, since we both know you won’t feel better from it. Call Libra.

Cancer: Whether it’s what you want, or whether it’s what you’ll have to put up with in any case is almost a wholly moot point. You are ”here” with a big red arrow. It’s time to figure out where ”here” is relative to where you want to be and what you would prefer to be doing.

Leo: Is it you? No, it really isn’t. The world has its tail in a knot, and you’re a bystander who’s been sucked into the center of the action by propinquity alone. Now that you’re at the heart of the matter, you might see what kind of networking you could do to your advantage.

Virgo: Your resources are nearly dragging you under. They demand so much of your energy, and in return all you feel is drained. Yeah, but isn’t that true for everyone else? Maybe not to the extent that it has been for you. Take a deep, deep breath and listen for prosperity.

Libra: You’re getting by. You’re marking time. You’re hanging in there. But are you going places? Are you hitting your marks? Are you walking the talk? Wouldn’t you rather reassess than continue on with your unfulfilling trajectory? You have the technology. Clue!

Scorpio: This is the best of times. This is the worst of times. This is one of those times. So now you know where you stand, you may have to choose to ignore the Sturm und Drang in order to get with the program, get caught up and get on with the big picture, ASAP.

Sagittarius: You believe. You don’t need proof. But how will you reassure and comfort those who are more bound to the world of facts and linear comprehension? How will you engage those for whom imagination is anathema? How will you get universal buy-in? Wear paisley.

Capricorn: You have been to the mountaintop, but the air was pretty thin. So you’ve dropped back down to your base camp. No one told you what to expect when you finally achieved the peak of your ambition, did they? You can reformulate. You can revise. You can if you want.

Aquarius: This is not the end of the world. This is the end of the world we know at present. This is the end of the world we took for granted. This is the beginning of a future worth having. This is the beginning of the journey toward your values and ideals. Shop Saturday.

Pisces: You’re in the catbird seat, and you don’t mind the view, though you’d prefer to have some company. You’re in the driver’s seat. You like all the knobs and dials and levers, but you’d be even happier if you had someone along who knew what they’re all for. Right?


January 20-26, 2011

Heavenly Round-Up: It’s not so much the trouble in paradise as that there are flaws in the perfection of stasis. It might be tempting to think everything would be all right if everything were soft, comfortable and controllable, but that’s not the case. Human nature thrives on adversity, challenge and falling short of stated goals. Use this time to strengthen your inner spine, cherish your ability to adapt and abandon unnecessary fear. Sink into your own wisdom to find the beacon that leads you home.

Aries: It’s not the meat, it’s the motion that is making you queasy. Can you still your inner ear enough to re-equilibrate? Can you find your center and hang onto it long enough to see past your emotional nausea? Can you reach out to a friend in worse shape than yours?

Taurus: Look past the obvious. Look past the past. Look past what you’ve come to expect and try to see the potential stewing and swirling around you. You may not expect the answers you get when you listen to the still, small voice within, but they’re probably right for now.

Gemini: You could have been a contender, and you’re still in the running. You’ll need to marshal your forces and recruit your agility and enlist your strategic frontal lobes to get from here to there, but it’s by no means an impossibility. You might wear prints for better focus.

Cancer: You could lose yourself in the cotton-wool batting you’ve wrapped around yourself so that you’re protected from the fallout of your own conduct. What purpose does hiding from the consequences serve? Take your outcomes with dignity and philosophy Sunday.

Leo: You’re sinking. Your relative density decrees that first you go down in order to achieve your maximum selfhood. Don’t try to jettison the baggage that has made you what you are and brought you to this point. Instead, sort through it carefully and rearrange your soul.

Virgo: New beginnings are best made in the company of community. New endeavors go more smoothly when you have broad buy-in. Old business converts into new prosperity if you can learn to cherish your mistakes and learn from the lessons of your own hubris. Rejoice.

Libra: You went there, and now you’re not certain how to get back. You crossed the line, only to find it had become a chasm when you turned around. You jumped in at the deep end without checking your flotation device. But all is not lost. You’re stronger than you know.

Scorpio: Reap as you have sown, but don’t get into a panic. Those tares will make a terrific healing tea to sooth your irritations and bring your soma into accord with itself. The sting up front will be bad, but the closing of old wounds will cause you nothing but joy.

Sagittarius: You can trust those around you to be honest with you. You can trust the times to lead you to new understanding of your strengths – and your weaknesses. You can trust your environment to provide you with challenges beyond even your wildest imaginings.

Capricorn: Sing it from the mountaintops up which you’ve been climbing. Share it with everyone, near and far. Take it into your person at the most profound level. Radical change begins at home, and you are there with a big red arrow. Wear alpaca for warmth, success.

Aquarius: Are you or aren’t you? Your followers want to know the truth, as do you yourself. Unlike the lilies of the field, you’re toiling and spinning for all you’re worth – but what you think is that you’re running out of juice faster than you’re building life equity. Reboot.

Pisces: You’ve counted on gravity for a long time. You might yet float away on a wash of unreality, but you’ll have tried your darnedest to hold on. You might find you have better anchors at your disposal, if you would but focus. There’s still time – and cute shoes – ahead.


January 13-20, 2010

Heavenly Round-Up: Sobering reality hits the wall of egotistical self-involvement. The blowback won’t be pretty, however necessary it may be to correct your course and goals. How can you ameliorate the conditions and concerns besetting you from every side and rushing at you on every timeline? Well, you can gird up your loins and put your nose to the grindstone. You can call on the stalwarts on your roster and seek advice and support. You can educate yourself in new and crucial fields of expertise and application.

Aries: You might go a bridge too far, but you’ll be doing so with the best of intentions. You’re in the midst of building yourself a new karmic paradigm. You’re in the process of becoming someone other than you have been for the last long cycle. Clear out your wardrobe, too!

Taurus: You could lazily drift on the current of life as it transports you in a leisurely fashion toward the peak of your ambition. Or you could decide to tow the barque of your endeavors along the canal path of the life you’ve chosen. Or you could get out and go cross-country. Well?

Gemini: You’ve been in this kind of a pickle before. You’ve been able to use your charm and a little tap-dancing to get you out of the mire and into the money. Will your old tricks serve you this time? If not, you may have to respond tactically while making strategy.

Cancer: Are you a person, or a mouse? You don’t have to skitter and skirt the edges of the life you’re trying to build. You don’t have to be so fearful of every possible misstep. Your world is not so fragile as you may suppose. Your goals are not so delicate as you imagine.

Leo: Walk boldly. Speak in the imperative. Act decisively. Now is not the time for halfway measures. Now is not the time for hanging back and evaluating the situation. Now is not the time for laissez-faire policy at home or at work. Take charge and be in control. You know you want to!

Virgo: You’re changing your condition. You’re travelling down the road you’ve longed for, toward a dream you hardly dared admit existed. You’re on the way to becoming that which would fill you with pride and delight alike. You might consider getting a makeover to celebrate.

Libra: You’ve looked around and you’re not sure you’re where you thought you were meant to be. You’re a little concerned by how unfamiliar everything seems. Is your partner your anchor? Is this a good thing? Take back certainty with a personal reorientation on Friday.

Scorpio: You’re walking. You’re talking. But are you talking the walk? You’ve been observed. Your patterns and trajectory have been noted. Are you prepared to defend your position? Are you prepared to forge ahead against uncertain odds? Are you breathing deeply?

Sagittarius: You can do anything you want. You can go anywhere your heart desires. You have a horrifying amount of personal freedom. It comes at a cost. If you exercise your liberties, what will you find waiting when you finally roll home? Is this a price you consider valid?

Capricorn: It might be destiny knocking on your front door. In which case, answer it or not — everything will change. It might be opportunity knocking, and if it is you’ll want to leap up and show the nice lady in right away. Don’t miss the chance you’ve been holding out for.

Aquarius: It’s like walking on the moon: You have to move differently to get where you’re going. It’s easier to overshoot your objective than to pinpoint it. Communication is both hampered and focused. Now you have the inside scoop on ”how.” Move swiftly on the ”what.”

Pisces: Are you ready to receive that for which you have longed all this time? Are you ready to enjoy that which had been withheld? Are you ready to cut loose and be your own self in full before the cycle rolls through to completion? See your hairdresser sooner for best effect.


Thursday, Jan. 6-13

Heavenly Round-Up: Here in the top-end of the year, the darkness serves as an incubator for our becoming. The severity of the weather promotes hibernation and the deep-dreaming that may set us on our paths for the year. Use this time to remember what you really want. Focus on the steps you need to have in place to make your dreams come true. Reach out to those who may be of assistance in your quest to become the best of all possible versions of you.

Aries: You’re feeling some pressure from your professional community. You’re reassessing your goals and values within your development. You’re looking for a means of furthering your distant dreams and getting closer to wholeness. Seek out a Capricorn Sunday.

Taurus: You’re the bee’s knees, but it might not be enough. You’re the cat’s pajamas, but you don’t really like the stripes. You’re on the way up, but suddenly have a sense of vertigo. How can you adjust to your conditions? How will you make peace with your life?

Gemini: Walking the talk isn’t as difficult as you’d imagined it might be. Standing up to be counted is a piece of cake. Sticking with the program and going the distance might be another matter. Where will you look for the support you need to get from here to there? Smile early.

Cancer: What does it feel like and when did you begin to feel it? Why didn’t you say something sooner when you realized what was going down? Now the cat’s out of the bag and you’re on the hook for something you don’t want and can’t afford. Take advice from a Libra.

Leo: Destiny and debility cross paths before you. It’s a confusing time. You’re less than you might be, but you’re reaching so far outside your comfort zone you may well be more than you’ve ever been. Cut yourself some slack and get to bed early on Sunday night.

Virgo: Look around you. You have what it takes to own the field, let alone play on it. Heck, you could invent the game and own all subsidiary rights if you were clever and kept your eye on the ball. This is the zone. Work it. Play it. Make life roll over on command. Go on time.

Libra: You’re in a quandary and you’re not afraid to express it. You’re between the horns of a dilemma, and you’re not even sure you want a different seat. You’re facing some interesting choices within the context of the interesting times in which we live. Phone home.

Scorpio: You can git ‘er done, but you’ll have to clear the decks and batten down the hatches and work like you’re trying to round the horn intact during hurricane season. That said, you’re the one for the job and you’ve got the will in place. Make it happen soonest.

Sagittarius: Look past the obvious. The medium is the message, and that’s a given in this milieu. You’ll want to do some detective work if you’re going to wrap your head around the larger picture in time to take advantage of a surprise or two you’ll find there. Speak with Aries.

Capricorn: It’s a rough row to hoe, but you have the calluses and the muscles. It’s an uphill climb, but you own the gear and know the moves. It’s a doozy, but you took that doozy management course and you have the skills in place. So get on with making it all happen!

Aquarius: You weren’t joking. You weren’t confused. You weren’t misled. Now we’ve cleared all those obfuscations out of the way, it’s time to get back down to brass tacks and reassess the matter as it currently stands. You’re the point person for infrastructure now.

Pisces: It’s time to rethink your hands-off position. It’s time for you to feel out how you want to become involved. It’s time to take time to become more expressive, more capable and more reliable in your follow through. With all that, you’ll be on solid footing.