Metro Weekly


February 24-March 2, 2011

Heavenly Round-Up: You’ve been under the gun and on the fence and caught between the horns of dilemma. You’ve been up the road and down the road carrying water for what matters most to you. You’ve been, in effect, a busy bee – and it’s still winter out there! Cheers to you for getting lots done. Cheers to you for keeping your eyes on the brass ring and not the muck underfoot. Cheers to you for continuing to seasonally adjust and find your way toward your ”happily ever after.”

Aries: You have looked into the face of the future, and it reminds you of the past. Well, the future seems less well organized and more catch as catch can. And the future also has a slightly tacky glow to it, as if it were a direct offshoot of the ’70s. Shine like a disco queen!

Taurus: You could wrap it up with a big bow on top and send it sailing away. You would be well within your rights as someone who’s already pulled weight to spare on this ongoing endeavor. Yet you don’t feel washing your hands really shifts your responsibility.

Gemini: There’s no ”coulda been” about it – you’re still a contender. ”A contender for what?” you may counter. And you’d be right to ask. It’s not clear whether your personal elevator is going up or going down; it could go either way (ahem). So make a choice and hang on.

Cancer: It’s not a trap. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not even truly radical. It will require a shift in your thinking. It will require a plumbing of the depths of your heart. It will require more from you than you’d thought you had to give. Are you still game?

Leo: You’re walking the talk, and you’re wondering if you need some kind of sole/soul support to get you where you’re hoping to go. You have less assistance from quarters upon which you’d counted, and more serendipitous volunteering than you could have imagined.

Virgo: You didn’t want the rainbow. You weren’t looking for a pot of gold. You didn’t even think you’d place. But you’re both lucky and hardworking. From time to time, you’re even recognized as such. Can you take your moment in the sun for what it is? Wear stripes.

Libra: You would like it better if it were even a little goofier than what it is. You would be more ready to jump in if you had less idea of where you might land. You’re thinking restless, reckless thoughts and you’re not afraid to act on them. Delay until Monday.

Scorpio: Senescence might be a little like what you’ve been experiencing lately, except it will be easier to forget the good, the bad and the ugly between your moments of lucidity come the time. Embrace alertness. Work with the acute and perceptive to develop.

Sagittarius: You’re not really down a well with a frayed rope end in your hand. And if you were, you would be well served to remember the hidden door that will lead to the troll king’s treasure trove and adventures beyond your usual compass. Explore with abandon.

Capricorn: Whether it’s the time or the tide, you couldn’t say for sure. But you’re sleeping less well and liking with reserve that which you experience during your waking hours. Can you calm yourself with meditation? Warm milk? A long heart-to-heart? You get to choose.

Aquarius: Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains. Keep in mind there’s a valuable, viable third option, which might bring you away from the linear pong game in which you seem to be caught. You could ask a Sagittarius after Friday for help.

Pisces: It’s not you. It couldn’t be. It might be. It wouldn’t be intentional in any case. All this and more is perfectly true and not all that meaningful. You don’t need plausible deniability. You need solutions, answers and a means of solving the ongoing conundrum!


February 17-23, 2011

Heavenly Round-Up: When your heart’s desire turns out to be more hassle than you’d imagined in your wildest dreams, what dare you want subsequently? Where will you go from here? How will you find your way with your faith in your own instincts so diminished? Why not forgive yourself and allow the universe to recommence to serenade you with hope and wishful thinking? Who will you spend time with if not the still, small voice within? It is still better to light a single candle, right?

Aries: Are you really so sad and lonely, or have you manufactured disquiet in your soul to get the mid-winter blahs stirred up? Listen to the wind in the tree branches. Watch the hopeful little birds hopping to and fro. Allow yourself time for primal self-discovery Friday.

Taurus: Go with the flow, even if it’s not all that fluid or headed in the ”right” direction. Release the prejudgment in favor of a more relaxed, observing stance. What can you see from the new vantage points? Learn what you can from circumstances on the way.

Gemini: You would if you could; you’re totally into the concept. But you’re pre-committed and you don’t like to weasel out of such publicly declared obligations. Is there some alternate form of participation you could engage in? Think outside your self-constructed box.

Cancer: You had thought it was a necessary expenditure at the time. In hindsight, you might have chosen more carefully, less expensively or with an eye to harboring up your long-term resources more closely. Still, you’re happy with the choice. Remain at peace.

Leo: Whom the gods would destroy, first they make busy. Really busy. But don’t worry. The destruction is more about releasing ego-construct stuff and getting with the emptiness that allows the light of the universe to shine in you and through you. It’s a good thing!

Virgo: Look at all the bright, shiny distractions! Look at all the more interesting things and people and places! Look at how easy it would be to lose your place and not get much done in the name of all the other little things that need attention! Refocus and be fierce!

Libra: Is it the moon? Is it the water? Is it the time of year? You’re in a funny place, but you’re not laughing. So what are your options? Which choices have you frozen like a deer in headlights? Can you enlist the aid of a friend or partner to help you sort through the chaos?

Scorpio: Each drop, insignificant in itself, adds to the whole. Over time, those minute increments of moisture add up to make a stream, river, pond, lake, ocean. You can feel the water level rising. Where will it take you? Are you ready for some change? Call early to confirm.

Sagittarius: You’re on fire. You kind of like the heat, the energy level you can sustain, the liveliness of it all. But are you burning through your resources at a sustainable level? Will you be able to replenish when you run low? How can you complete your supply chain?

Capricorn: Walking the talk gets a little stale from time to time. How can you refresh your perspective? How can you liven up the view from the rut in which you find yourself? How can you give yourself a pep talk to put the spring back into your intentional steps? Ask afterward.

Aquarius: This time, the shoe is on the other foot. This time, you’re not the one on the spot. This time, you have the luxury of anonymity. Can you make use of this ability to fly under the radar? Can you exploit your freedom from scrutiny? Can you maximize your potential?

Pisces: It might work. It’s a radical departure. It’s the opposite of status quo. It’s probably past time to get on with this re-invention of everyday life. You’ve been playing it safe for long enough. Step out of the shadows and exploit your inner certainty before Sunday.


February 10-16, 2011

Heavenly Round-Up: It’s time to get real. It’s time to take the workload and just do it. It’s time to accept we don’t operate in a vacuum, but within the limitations and the possibilities provided by nature herself. Think big thoughts, dream big dreams, then get on your grungiest clothes, because what lies ahead is all hands-on and in the trenches. Set a good example, and the dirty work will start looking fun to all and sundry. Better to have too much help, rather than not enough.

Aries: You could if you wanted to, but you’d have to review your financial situation and begin to make hard choices about where discretionary ends and necessity begins. You have the chops to make reality of your imaginings. Do you have the follow through as well?

Taurus: You’re ready to go after a good hibernatory period. You’re refreshed and you don’t mind how much still lies in front of you–since you’ve had plenty of notice and lots of focused preparation. Don’t be surprised by the curve ball you get thrown at you on Saturday.

Gemini: You’ve got it like that, but what will you do with all you have? You’re in it to win it, but are you prepared for how success might change you and the life you choose to lead? You’re still a contender, but will you keep your integrity as you go for broke? Consider.

Cancer: You have the right support from your community in place. Your peeps are sympathetic, understanding and willing to go the distance with you as you walk through another round of fire. Beware descending into a minor cult-of-personality situation. Wear silk for savvy.

Leo: It’s not all about you, but you’re integral to how things are managed and how they’re completed and who has buy-in to see it all through. Is your ego ready to take a back-seat to gittin’ ‘er done? Is your sang froid at a settled enough level to cope with the hassle and doubt?

Virgo: You don’t mind the hard work. You don’t mind the long hours. You don’t mind the lack of respect and recognition. But you’re not on board for another round of slack incompetence shored up by institutional inertia and general laziness in the laissez-faire of it all. Relax.

Libra: Look around you. Memorize where you are and how it’s all laid out. That way, when the lights go out you’ll be able to find your way around with minimal collateral damage to yourself or the people and things around you. Seek and Aquarius for insight, intuition.

Scorpio: You are as you were, and there’s no two ways about it. At the same time, you’ve undergone a sea change and you are both more and less than you used to be. What will you do with the paradox of your present existence? Can you justify the effort by Friday?

Sagittarius: Once upon a time you were light-hearted and care free. Now you’re under the thumb of the fate you blindly chose in ignorance and arrogance. In a sense, it’s not your fault. From another perspective, you would do well to take responsibility ASAP. Call late.

Capricorn: Walk a ways. Take your time. If you hurry, you’ll miss the most critical (and subtle) pieces of information relating to your situation. Try for some active imagination and creative visualization to build up a context for finding your happily-ever-after.

Aquarius: You can if you want to; but you’ll really have to want to. This is the theme and tenor of the cycle before you. The world is your oyster, but you’re going to need a large and very sharp knife to get at the tender meat and possible pearl within the situation.

Pisces: How can you have come so far and not have noticed how obvious the fly in your ointment has been to those around you? You were distracted. You had your heart set on a happy ending. You believed in the better self. Make peace with the fly and you still can.


Justin Crockett Elzie moves from Marine to wordsmith

Heavenly Round-Up: What gets big must get small. What seems dark carries the seeds of light. What was impossible may now be merely cutting edge. How will you respond to these broader horizons? How will you address the inflationary/deflationary nature of the times? How will you find your way amongst choices both speculative and explosive? You have your native wit: Use it. You have access to common sense: Get in touch with it. You have your feet on the ground: Reaffirm that! Call early to secure your choice.

Aries: You looked within and were not blinded by the truths you found there, nor shamed by the darknesses you carry in the corners of your soul. So now what? You’re back from your transpersonal experience, and still have to live daily life. Take vitamins and a nap Tuesday.

Taurus: Are you or aren’t you? You couldn’t say for sure, not as of yet. Though there’s no ”reason” for your hesitation, besides that gut feeling you wouldn’t feel right ignoring, you won’t be moved until you’re good and ready. So hunker down and exhale fully. Wear cotton.

Gemini: You’ve looked around and seen what’s available. You’ve touched, poked, prodded and pinched to see if the quality is up to scale. You’ve talked, chatted and texted your concerns to all and sundry. At the end of the day, it’s your call–and no one but you can decide.

Cancer: You’re on top now. You’ve got a rhythm going. You’ve found the sweet spot. These are good things, but they can’t last. Entropy calls the shots here. Decide what’s most important and make a full list from there. Thin the herd with compassion and help.

Leo: You’d let yourself believe in the fairy tale. You convinced yourself the myth could have a happy ending. You were really pushing for the whole enchilada. Now you’ve received a wakeup call. You’ll have to make difficult choices. But you have the strength to do so.

Virgo: How far can you see when you look around? Would you see farther standing on a chair? Would you see farther with a telescope? Would you prefer not look outside your immediate environment? The future is on the way, with or without you. Keep your eyes open.

Libra: No one promised you a rose garden. Equally, no one said it would be an unrelieved vale of tears. So where’s the middle path? Where’s compassion without undue attachment? Where’s the light from within to keep you alert and on your way? Meditate freely.

Scorpio: It’s not your fault, you tell yourself. At the same time, it was no one else’s responsibility but yours. It’s not your project alone, but this was your part of it and it isn’t there and it you are manifestly not prepared. Get back to work, you’ve bought a karmic extension!

Sagittarius: You are as you are, and you never believed differently. At the same time, you allowed others to imagine whatever they pleased and didn’t take the time to correct their assumptions. You’re not a bad person, just a little on the self-centered and slack side. Reboot.

Capricorn: Learn a lesson from each day. Teach a parable every chance you get. Open your heart to forgiveness and you may be surprised at the bounty which flows into your daily life. You have resources past reckoning, if you could only figure out how to deploy them.

Aquarius: You’ve established a pace you can sustain. You’ve engaged in a course of self-education on a topic sure to be worthwhile in the long run. You’ve sorted out your thorniest issues and cleared your plate for the next round. Take a deep breath. It’s your turn.

Pisces: You didn’t know what you were getting into when it all started. You weren’t sure if what you were feeling was real or manufactured of your own hope and desire. You still can’t tell if you’re headed the right way, or just wandering. Take a minute to re-center.