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NOM’s Gallagher Takes Her Shot at Stopping Marriage Equality in Maryland

marryland.jpg[Photo: Supporters of marriage equality in Maryland wore red to the Feb. 8 Senate hearing on S.B. 116. (Photo by Yusef Najafi.)]

As part of the Maryland Senate’s consideration of S.B. 116, the bill that would bring marriage equality to the state, a hearing is being held today in the Senate.

Among those testifying in opposition is the National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher, the anti-marriage equality stalwart.

Metro Weekly‘s Yusef Najafi is attending — and live-tweeting — the hearing. Read his earlier, exclusive interview with the bill’s lone Republican supporter in the Senate, Sen. Allan Kittleman (R-Carroll, Howard).

Najafi and Metro Weekly will have a full report later, but, for now, he sends along this video from Gallagher’s testimony today …

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