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AGLA's Youth Advocacy

Celebrating a decade of scholarships to LGBT students, Arlington gay group aims to expand its reach

Continuing its ongoing commitment to youth, the Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance will mark a decade of awarding college scholarships in June. During the traditional LGBT Pride month, AGLA will name two seniors of Arlington County Public Schools to receive $2,000 each.

But if you’re going to award funds, you’ve also got to generate them. Accordingly, before the winners are announced, AGLA is inviting the community to join the group for an April 26 fundraiser at a member’s home.

”We’re trying to do things twofold,” says AGLA President Daniel Hays. ”In addition to having a fundraiser to try to generate additional funds, right now the scholarships that we give are one-time only. It’s been a goal of ours to get enough money built into the scholarship fund to be eventually able to turn those into [annually] renewable scholarships.”

Along with the scholarships, Hays says AGLA is also working for youth in terms of trying to eliminate bullying. To do that, organizers have invited Democratic Del. Adam Ebbin, Virginia’s only out gay delegate and who represents Arlington, to speak about anti-bullying legislation he introduced.

”We’ve invited him to speak to us for a few minutes about not only his [bill], which he was trying to get through last year, but what we can do to try to mobilize, to try in the coming years to make sure we can see that legislation, or something similar, pass.”

AGLA’s scholarship fundraiser runs 6 to 8 p.m. at the home of Hamish Park and Roland Watkins, 1507 23rd St. South, Arlington. Admission is $25.