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Editor’s Pick: Liberty Smith

Liberty Smith

One of the largest and most expensive shows Ford’s Theatre has yet mounted, Liberty Smith features 20 glorious singing actors, reenacting and reinterpreting the history of the American Revolution, taking a little liberty with the school-worn tales. If you ultimately leave the theater charmed, it’ll be more because of Michael Weiner’s irrepressible, catchy music and the superb, Broadway-caliber cast of actors and set design, with assist from an eight-piece orchestra. They bring the play to life in spite of a simplistic, somewhat silly story by Marc Madnick, Eric R. Cohen and Adam Abraham that recalls Disney, even Forest Gump. As the chorus sings in Liberty Smith, “Such a small, small world, after all.” To May 21. Ford’s Theatre, 511 10th St. NW. Tickets are $35 to $55. Call 202-397-7328 or visit Read Doug Rule’s full review here.

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