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Equality California Withdraws 2009 “Net Neutrality” FCC Letter

Following Metro Weekly‘s June 20 report about a series of LGBT organizations that have submitted letters to the Federal Communications Commission regarding issues that had been the focus of AT&T lobbying, Equality California interim executive director Jim Carroll told Metro Weekly that the organization today filed a letter with the FCC withdrawing its 2009 letter regarding net neutrality regulations being considered by the agency.

EQCA.GIFThe original letter (pdf), filed by then-executive director Geoff Kors on Oct. 12, 2009, stated a desire for the commission ”not to rush” on ”consideration of whether new network neutrality rules are warranted.”

In today’s letter withdrawing the 2009 letter, Carroll writes, “We fully support the principles of net neutrality. Accordingly, we request that you withdraw our letter of October 12, 2009.”

As to the process to be employed by the organization when considering the organization’s submission of policy letters, Carroll released a statement:

[O]n behalf of myself I made an error in an interview yesterday with [Metro Weekly] in which I said that Equality California doesn’t have a policy with regard to our policy positions. In fact, there is a policy that allows the Executive Director to make decisions on policies that are core to the mission of Equality California. On issues that are outside of our core mission, such as support for our friends in labor or in the reproductive rights community, there is a policy that requires the board to weigh in if a board meeting is timely, or directs the matter to the Executive Committee. In the event of an urgent policy choice the ED can seek counsel from the Board President. I apologize for any confusion this might have created.

In response to a request from Metro Weekly, Carroll said he would seek information about what process was used when Kors filed the 2009 letter.

Download today’s letter – EQCA-June22-FCCltr.pdf – or read it below the jump.

* * *

June 22, 2011


The Honorable Julius Genachowski

Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street SW, Room 8-B201

Washington, DC 20554

RE: Withdrawal of letter dated October 12, 2009 – Broadband Industry Practices (WC Docket No. 07-52)

Dear Chairman Genachowski and Commissioners:

On October 12, 2009, Equality California submitted a letter to the Commission urging the preservation of an “open and accessible Internet” and requesting an effort to reach out to the LGBT community.  It has come to our attention that the phrase “open and accessible Internet” can be taken to indicate opposition to net neutrality, which was neither our intention nor our organization’s position. We fully support the principles of net neutrality.

Accordingly, we request that you withdraw our letter of October 12, 2009.

Very truly yours,


Jim Carroll

Interim Executive Director

Equality California