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October 20-26, 2011

Heavenly Round-Up: This is where you reap as you’ve sown. This is when the harvest comes in and you can begin to count up the fruits of your labors. This is how you know what you’ve been committed to and what you can expect from your time and energy expended. You’re likely to be surprised and delighted both by how much you’ve accomplished and what it’s worth on the open market. The supply of you, and you-generated outcomes is limited. Don’t sell yourself short, wait for the better offer.

Aries: It’s not that long a trail winding behind you, but the constant inner whining sure makes it seem like you’ve come a long way, baby. Can you negotiate with your dissatisfied self to get a delay of sentencing? Can you bargain for a clear conscience and fresh start?

Taurus: You’re rolling over and through the seasons like a tractor mower across a large lawn, not fast but purpose-built for the task at hand. You can take pride in your thoroughness. You can take pride in your dedication. You can take pride in the details!

Gemini: Not because you have to, but because you want to. This is your motto; it should be your battle cry, as well. You are your own most valuable, irreplaceable resource. Show some respect for what you can do; others will have no choice but to follow your lead.

Cancer: It’s not entirely up to you. It’s not entirely on your head. It’s not entirely due to your influence. Are you clear that you’re not the only one to blame? Good. On the other hand, you wouldn’t be where you are today without a little collusion. Now make a change!

Leo: You’re on the up-and-up, but you can’t seem to get any momentum going. You might want to review and see if you still need to wear your lead-lined jacket and your steel-shank boots with your tin-foil hat and your trousers of many rivets. Dream a new solution Monday.

Virgo: You’re not wasting time; you’re biding your time. Time is the key, and your inner rhythm will help you make the best of all possible choices as you decide you’re ready to jump back in and get hopping. Until then, watch carefully and don’t let yourself get railroaded.

Libra: It won’t be easy. It hasn’t been a cakewalk. You never thought it would be simple. That said, it might be less difficult if you took the time to develop a new perspective. Would you have to change your physical point of view to get a better internal outlook?

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Scorpio: Walking the talk has gotten on your last nerve. And you weren’t even walking your own talk. Can you trust yourself to go for what you really know? Can you put enough of your life’s demands on hold for just long enough to hear the still, small voice within?

Sagittarius: You’re one in a million. Or a billion, given inflation these days. You’re really very special. Now it’s time to act on the specialness to pull your bacon from the fire and turn it into the very best quiche Lorraine in the universe. Show them what you’re made of.

Capricorn: You weren’t enthusiastic when the topic first came up. You’re not thrilled now the whole thing’s come to fruition. You’re already trying to figure out how to protect yourself from involvement in the next phase. Use the other end of the telescope Wednesday.

Aquarius: Sense has been thin on the ground for quite a while now. And you’ve been playing both ends against the middle. This tactic is Machiavelli-approved, but it isn’t good for your bodily health. Take your vitamins, get your sleep, schedule a massage.

Pisces: It’s not just you, but you’re more affected by it than most. Once again, you’re the cultural canary in the coal mine. Use your delicacy as the innate gift that it is. You’ll know before others do exactly what’s going to go down. Get the word out using any media possible.