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Fox News station exposes English teacher’s gay porn past

”I’m disturbed. I’m surprised. The kids really love him. He’s been a great addition to the team. He’s a new coach this year. New head of the English department. This is scary.

Stephanie Saponaro, described by Fox News 25 as the mother of a student who is crew coached by Kevin Hogan, an English teacher at a public charter high school near Boston, MA. The station’s reporter, Mike Beaudet, is shown on video confronting Hogan as he walks to his car. He asked, “Do you really think it’s appropriate to be working with kids?” The reporter then handed a print out from a fetish website to several students’ parents and asked them what they thought.

The Fox 25 report alleges that Hogan appeared in three adult videos under the name “Hytch Cawke” in 2010. The titles included “Just Gone Gay 8” and “Dominant Male: Fetish World 1.” An image of a blond-haired Hytch Cawke is currently featured prominently on a website called,

Hogan replied during the report that he did not know what the reporter was talking about, then told him to have a nice Thanksgiving. The national site for Fox News cable channel also featured the story saying Hogan had been put on paid leave.

The Boston Globe has reprinted a letter sent home to parents that states in part: 

”We do wish to confirm the School’s insistence that any applicant for a position here be candid and forthright about disclosing past employment positions. And we can confirm that our investigation results exclusively from what we learned from this media source and not from any complaint by any parent or child.”

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