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Women of “The View” dismissive of Pope’s anti-gay marriage stance [video]

The Pope’s anti-gay marriage statements made it to the set of ABC’s The View on Tuesday. Despite their mixed bag of terminology and examples, they at least seemed put off by Joseph Ratzinger‘s insinuation that gay marriages threaten “the future of humanity.” 

Barbara Walters discussed the Elton John and husband David Furnish‘s son, Zachary, who was born in December 2010 via a surrogate mother. Walters said people are struggling everywhere to define what’s a family, and mentioned her friends’ grandchildren which were conceived with the help of a sperm bank. Her conclusion was that Ratzinger was claiming that if you get married and don’t procreate, it will “wipe out humanity.”

Joy Behar, who was recently married at 68, joked that she was indeed married to procreate. She added that despite the existence of homosexuality “since the Neanderthals,” and there have been billions of people nonetheless.

Elizabeth Hasselback, the shows Republican host, said the possibility of divorce affected her marriage, not gays. She said the condemnation of gay marriages seemed “inhumane.”

Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that non-Christians may have views different than the Pope’s, and that people have had children other than the expected “normal way.” 

Sherri Shepard said that she had suffered from infertility before, and then said she had a problem with religious leaders hadn’t yet “cleaned house themselves” — specifically metioning the Catholic’s molestation scandals and others’ homosexual infidelity scandals. 

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Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel tried to explain how the Pope’s gay marriage fears might come true:

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