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Five Dos and Five Don'ts for Mastering Valentine's Day

Not much is known of antiquity’s Saint — or Saints — Valentine. Yet here we are, with Starbucks pushing hearts on paper cups, aisles of red-wrapped candies, and Groupon offering half-off Valentine’s cards and mugs. You know exactly what time it is, and you cannot escape.

Though some people wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s Halloween – not Valentine’s Day – that’s earned the reputation of being ”gay Christmas.” Relationships are trickier territory for us, politicized endlessly, red meat in the ”culture war.” Who can blame us if we’re a little queasy when it comes to romance?

With the politics come our pioneering spirits. As a community required to examine our sexual identities from the moment we realize they set us apart from the mainstream, our very nature moves us beyond traditional. Accordingly, we likely have disproportionate numbers of open relationships, of triads, of whatever we can think of.

But whatever it is, we’re human. We love, and are loved. Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, like no other day on the calendar, demands we own up to that reality. For some, it’s a celebration. For others, it’s a shame. Whoever you are, in whatever relationship (or not) you find yourself, Metro Weekly hopes to improve your Valentine’s Day experience with some simple dos and don’ts.

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Sean Bugg is Editor Emeritus for Metro Weekly.