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Outspoken #51: Capital Queer Prom Night

LGBT prom partiers share why this second chance event is better than high school

Heavenly Round-Up: You’re ready to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re on the brink of cracking the code and going on the offensive. You’re moving forward without the stress of immanent obliteration. Things are definitely looking up. What will you do with the freedom of opportunity, productivity and general jollity? You could go all out for what really matters. You could linger behind and pick up the pieces for salvage. You could do any and all of these things; but first you’ll have to choose!

Aries: You can feel the restraints weakening. Is it their age? Is it your persistence? Is it inevitability? You can feel your motivation growing. Is it resentment against authority? Is it certitude in your own best interests? Is it a natural reaction to any form of limitation? Decide.

Taurus: Come on out and play. The weather’s good and your mood is better than it has been in a long, long while. No, you haven’t caught up with all of your chores. Yes, there’re demands and commitments and all kinds of responsibilities. Even so, you need fresh air.

Gemini: It’s no tip-toe through the tulips, but you can definitely notice a perceptible lessening of the pressure that has been bearing down on you for the whole last season. Regroup to make the most of this shift in focus. You’ve put a lot on the back-burner.

Cancer: You can do anything you want to, but you’ll have to divorce yourself from your feelings if you want to be able to act without regard for contingencies or the expectations of others. Is that the victory you really want? Is there another way to win without losing?

Leo: Define, and redefine, your definitions of success. You can have the cake. You can eat it too. It will have to be the right cake, at the right time, and with the right crowd for the project to come to its ultimate fruition. Plan first and then begin delegating for success.

Virgo: You used to be so confident. You’ve still got the chops. You just don’t have absolute diplomatic immunity. Work with this adjustment in your status and you’ll find you’ve gained in respect what you lost in latitude of action. Ask a Pisces on Sunday.

Libra: Don’t get all tangled up in the details. There’s a lot going on, and the situation is developing at an exponential rate. This is all good. You have to reach critical mass in order to make it to the next level of play. Seek oversight from a trusted mentor.

Scorpio: You’ve been up and down the road, hemmed in by consternation and uncertainty. This is the dawn of a new era. Can you ease up on yourself, clear the slate and get ready to start over? You’ll be selling yourself short if you settle for any lesser resolution.

Sagittarius: Contumely is hard. It’s unfair to listen to folks say, or even imply, those kinds of things about you. You know they’re untrue. In the end, so will everyone else. Keep your head down and refuse to be drawn into unproductive slanging matches. Your day will come.

Capricorn: Hard work is easy. Structure is easy. Initiating is easy. It’s the long haul, the variability of the circumstances and the fluctuation of your attentions which make the process more challenging than you’d imagined it could be. Ask your dreams Friday.

Aquarius: Simplicity is all well in its place. Sometimes the world requires more of us. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and then create a means for others to be able to follow. Great. You know the deal, you have a vision. It’s time to get down to brass tacks.

Pisces: You’re readier now than you’ve ever been. You’re more on top of your game than you can remember. Will you call in the troops and mobilize for action? You’ve got the charisma, the support and a fallback position to keep you company if necessary.

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