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April 19, 2012

Heavenly Round-Up: You can wake yourself from the dream state into which you’ve fallen. You can extricate yourself from the web of suppositions and innuendoes that have swirled around you for so long. You can set yourself to the long, uphill, row-to-hoe still before you. You can do these things more easily if you’ve identified the core motivation you’ll need to put so much energy into making the changes you want. Get with a brief bout of introspection. Don’t expect your findings to make much sense right off the bat.

Aries: You can’t help it. Your eyes are sparkly, and that’s no one’s fault. Your smile is genuine, and that’s still not a crime. Your affect is open and it draws others to you. Enough. You have some choices in how you spread the charisma around. Make good ones!

Taurus: Are you on the brink of a breakthrough or a breakdown? It’s hard to know this time of year. You have so many demands on your competence you don’t know where to begin. This is a case of starting the journey with a single step and seeing how you get on.

Gemini: Curb your tongue and your enthusiasm. Your natural exuberance has a tendency to go over the top if you don’t keep the leash on it. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t make an effort to influence the course of events. Powers of persuasion peak Friday night.

Cancer: You’re moving in circles. Are they decreasing or increasing in radius? Is that piece of information germane to your goals and ideals? Focus on what really matters. Share compassion with those who’ve been scraped raw by tough times. Wear a tie once.

Leo: You don’t have to be a star to attract attention. You have everything you need to make a big splash wherever you go. And right now, you might be better served by an impetus to incognito. There’s a lot you could do if you were less visible doing it.

Virgo: You haven’t been wandering; you’ve been lost in meditation. Now you’re ready for action. Now you’re ready to make necessary changes. Now you’re ready to start the first day of the rest of your life. And you may wish to get extra toned for what comes next.

Libra: The persistence of your uncertainty isn’t necessarily a clue to the ambiguity of the situation. It’s more a clue to your own reluctance to make a choice that will stick when you throw it against the wall. Don’t wait too long, or you’ll lose the integrity of what you want.

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Scorpio: You’re on a roll. Does that make you a hot dog or a pit beef sandwich? No. Stop confusing yourself with metaphysical metaphors. Right now, you’d do best to get down to brass tacks and put up or shut up once and for all. Call yourself out on your waffling.

Sagittarius: If there’s a light in the forest well off the beaten path you’ve been travelling, do you alter your course to see what’s what? Or do you keep on the narrow, rutted path on which you started? There’s no right or wrong answer, but think before you speak.

Capricorn: You’re under pressure to find a useful balance between your goals and your reality. With discipline and application, you can get from here to there. But what will you give up along the way to have what you believe you can’t do without? Ask an Aries early.

Aquarius: Why haven’t you finished what you started? Why aren’t you able to enjoy what you already have? Why are you tormented with ideals when the real holds such a strong claim on your attentions? Ground yourself with extra workouts and a massage.

Pisces: You’ve looked and looked, but you’re not sure what’s out there. Do you need to see in a different spectrum? Can you borrow the inputs of a buddy with a different-enough point of view? Will you believe what you hear if you do? Dream of dolphins and shoes.


April 5, 2012

Host Ebone Bell had to recuse herself from asking the questions this week, as she’s the producer behind the Capital Queer Prom. But that didn’t stop us from putting her on the other side of the equation. Listen as people talk about their prom experiences — and the chance to live it the right way at the annual Capital Queer Prom.