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Ford’s RUTH fondles knobs, pushes buttons, seeks quality experience for 2013 Fusions

Things have been getting very touchy-feely at Ford as of late. Taking cues from their satisfied European counterparts, Ford has employed the Robotized Unit for Tactility and Haptics — or, RUTH — to test the interiors of 2013 Fusions. The aim, according to Ford, is to increase the quality of their interiors to something a user “might feel if they were to buy a high-end luxury car.”

Utilizing data from its customers around the world, RUTH pushes, fondles, twists, prods and brushes the surfaces, buttons and materials in the cabin and matches them to the expectations users say they have of the respective parts. By mimicking human movements, RUTH can provide accurate data, which engineers can then use to change the interior.

Those looking to benefit from RUTH’s loving touch can experience the fruit of her labors in the 2013 Ford Fusion. To see her caressing and stroking in person, we’ve included a video below. (Don’t worry, it’s safe to view at work.)

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