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Office 2013 Customer Preview now available to download

Right on cue, Microsoft has released a preview of their long-awaited update to Microsoft Office, the software firm’s hugely popular productivity suite. With a greater emphasis on cloud integration, and a streamlined facelift to tie in with Windows 8’s new Metro interface, Office is aiming to further increase its market dominance by winning back users lost to Google Docs and other productivity software. The install process is relatively painless, and a tour of all the new features awaits users looking to learn about all the new additions.

Curious users on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Release Preview (sorry, Consumer Preview users — you’ll need to update to experience the fun) can head to the Office 2013 website here to install. For those unsure, or for those reading this on a Vista machine or Mac, we’ll have a full preview for you on Technocrat shortly.

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