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The Florida Family Associations Decries Lady Gaga/Office Depot Collaboration

Born this way

“The one million dollar pledge from Office Depot to the Lady Gaga Born this Way Foundation will influence many teens to embrace homosexuality for their lifetime who may have otherwise worked through their crisis with straight results.

Thousands of kids who might have otherwise worked through their pubescent sexual identity issues will be inspired to accept the wrong choice based upon this unscientific, emotionally charged propaganda. What’s brave or kind about telling thousands of sexually frustrated teens that they were Born This Way when a high percentage of them would have ended up taking the straight heterosexual path for life?”

The Florida Family Association — a “one-man outrage machine” run by David Caton, who utilizes the FFA as a shell organization for his attacks against TV and popular culture, public schools, Disney World and government officials — reacting in typically overly-outrageous form to the partnership forged between the office supply chain and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

According to Huffpost Gay Voices, the Depot/Gaga collaboration will “include a number of limited edition back-to-school products, including ’empowerment gift cards’ and unique ‘Bravery Bracelets'” inscribed with messages such as “Be Amazing” and “Be Yourself.”

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