Metro Weekly


August 9-16, 2012

Heavenly Round Up: These are the dog days of summer. The heat is almost rancid in your nose. The sun is a relentless force, but it doesn’t feel like it’s on your side at all. Ironically, this period marks the increase in a decrease of daily light. Despite the aging season, there’s much good still swirling around. Find yours by focusing, breathing quietly and calling your loved ones to you. You’ll be more than a little surprised at how warmly your crew rallies around you. Take heart. Trust your courage. Smile.

Aries: You looked, but didn’t touch. Now it’s time for the gloves to come off. Now you’re required to engage fully if you hope to see the harvest of your sowing roll in. Now it’s time to reconnect with the past and loop it securely into your present to form the foundations of a desirable future.

Taurus: Where have you been hiding? Why did you check out just now? It must have been special to pull you away from your routine. With your eyes freshly opened, you have options now which didn’t formerly exist. Will you head for the alternatives? Will you hold? Fold?

Gemini: Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Irritating as it may be, find someone with consistency and hang out long enough to get the hang of how it’s done. You won’t regret the investment of time and energy. You will need those skills to make your next move.

Cancer: What you love, you hold close to your chest. What you fear, you build impenetrable walls against. How will you find a means of allowing what you love to get around, through or under those walls of yours? How will you reconcile your opposing desires? Meditate.

Leo: Before lies the great challenge. Behind you lies the obstacle course you valiantly crossed to get as far as you are now. You’re bloodied, and maybe not wholly unbowed. But you’ve come this far. You may as well make what further efforts to complete your quest.

Virgo: Once upon a time, you had a dream. It was a good dream. A dream you could share and spread and make come true with hard work, luck and persistence of spirit. Is that dream still viable? Are you still ready to fight the good fight? You’re closer now than you know.

Libra: No, the answers are neither quick nor easy. No, the path is neither direct nor clear. No, your allies are not falling into line with compliance in their hearts and devotion in their eyes. Instead, you have challenges and some who challenge your methods. Listen.

Scorpio: You’re as good as they say, and then some. You can overcome whatever you choose with whatever comes to hand. You’re a hero, in fact. At the same time, you have to play in the real world—and there be dragons. So gird up your loins and get on with it.

Sagittarius: Once you’ve gone in and come out again, you will never be the same. This might be all to the good, but you won’t find the best of your circumstances if you dwell in bitterness and excuses. Follow the thread wherever it leads. Danger and love await. Play.

Capricorn: Play to the top of your bent. Dance with your whole heart. Relax until your bones melt. This little lacunae of peace is more like the eye of the storm than the beginning of the end. Abandon yourself to enjoyment. Refreshed, you’ll have the spirit to go on.

Aquarius: Simplicity is more desired in its absence than its presence. Remind yourself of this little aphorism as you go through the cycle to come. You’ll see evidence of this and other verities if you keep your eyes (and your mind) open. Call a Cancerian for confirmation.

Pisces: You’re wavering. You’re wobbling. You’re not entirely certain how you got to where you are or where you can possibly hope to go next. At the same time, there’s no immediate danger, or even a reason to feel uncertain. Keep on keepin’ on and you’ll make it.