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A Pop-Up Success

CAGLCC's first annual was a one-day metropolis of all things LGBT

Daniel Lieberman’s company, Capital Kombucha, sells – as the name implies – kombucha, a lightly fermented and sweetened version of iced tea with health benefits. For him, was an opportunity not just to sell his beverage, but also to make connections.

”We’re just always looking for ways to engage with the community around us,” he said. ”The LGBT community is really strong and dynamic here. It is a progressive, forward-thinking one in many respects, with design, technology, art, fashion and really with health.”

Psychologists have said the factors motivating consumers themselves to pop up at pop-ups are location, curiosity, intimacy, urgency and novelty – not unlike our childlike anticipation at the circus coming to town.

”I don’t know if circus is the right word, but it’s kind of organized chaos, so to speak,” Lieberman said. ”Like a totally fresh take on the convention idea.”

CAGLCC, recipient of the NGLCC Chamber of the Year Award, means business. For more information, visit

Matt Raymond is a CAGLCC member, a PR professional and a D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner’.