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Coverboy First Runner-Up: Rich McPherson

This bear-lovin' cub makes his own way, one disciplined step at a time

Rich McPherson

Rich McPherson

(Photo by Julian Vankim)

”I was a little depressed, so my friends wanted to lift me up,” he says, recalling Memorial Day Weekend, when his breakup was still a relatively open wound. ”We went to Rehoboth. I really wanted to embrace being single. My friends talked me into wearing this ridiculous, slutty Speedo. I had a lot of fun.”

This latest iteration of discipline and independence has also put Rich back on the P90X workout regimen, five to six times per week, and saw him throwing his hat into the Coverboy ring in August.

Rich is the first to admit that everything that has followed has been something of a shock.

”A friend pushed me to apply,” he says of his Coverboy debut. ”I never thought I would get picked. This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to me. When the magazine came out it was a very big deal. If I was out with friends, I would get recognized by people. ‘Hey, you’re Coverboy. Congratulations!’ It was surreal, but great positive feedback from people.”

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