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Review: GoPro Hero3 is teeny, tiny and totally pro. (Video)

GoPro Hero 3

Metro Weekly Multimedia Producer Aram Vartian took a new micro-video camera, GoPro’s Hero3, to check out the big features that come in very small package.

The new Hero3 is the third offering in a line of small, wearable camcorders from GoPro. They are designed for portability, but are still capable of capturing amazing 12 mp photos and HD video up to a resolution of 4K.

Overall, he found a camera that’s as versatile as it is small, shooting up to 1080p at a variety of frame rates, making for some impressive special effects shooting — there’s even a dive housing so you take your shoot underwater. The downside to these features: a battery life on the short side without an optional battery pack, and occasional lock-ups.

Aram’s Pros:

Amazing image quality, a massive variety of recording resolutions and speeds as well as professional-grade options like ProTune mode and the ability to lock down the white balance for different light conditions.

Aram’s Cons:

Battery life that is considerably worse than the previous Hero2 camera and buggy software that will have you constantly restarting recordings at higher resolutions and frame rates. And get ready to pull the battery at least once per shoot when it freezes up.

COST: $399 (The LCD Touch BacPac and Battery BacPac are additional extras costing $79 and $49, respectively).

Check out the video for the full review. Full Hero3 specs follow.


A massive range of shooting modes:
4K Cinema at 15 fps
2.7K cinema at 24 / 30 fps
1440p at 24 / 48 fps
1080p at 24 / 30 / 48 / 60 fps
960p 100 fps
720p at 60 /120 fps
480 standard-definition at up to a blistering 240 fps
Maximum 12MP photos with up to 30 picture burst mode
Built-in WiFi with remote that can control the Hero3 Black from up to 600′ (though in our real-life testing we could only get about 100′ away, and we needed a clear line of sight).
An iPhone and Android app coming out in mid-December that will not only allow you to control your Hero3 camera, but will also show you what it is recording on your phone or WiFi enabled tablet.
197′ Waterproof Housing
Assorted mounts and hardware included for attaching to helmets and other gear.

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