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Is Sony ditching the DualShock in favor of controllers boasting biometrics and touchscreens?

DualShock3 Wireless Controller

Along with all the other rumormongers out there, Technocrat feels in its gut that both Microsoft and Sony will be announcing new game consoles at this year’s E3. Now, fueling the rumor even further is this report from CVG UK, which notes that Sony may be ditching its venerable DualShock controller for one that may feature biometric sensors and an LCD touch screen, bringing it closer in line with the current Wii U. A source told the site that Sony is “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.” To that we say: we’ve always thought Sony was a little touched. In a good way.

Technocrat will be at E3, bringing you all the excitement firsthand. In fact, we’re still counting down the days till we arrive.

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