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Canadian bridal shop refuses to serve trans woman

“If you see a man trying on dresses, you’re going to feel uncomfortable.”

So says the owner of Jenny’s Bridal Boutique in Saskatoon, Canada, to CBS News, after refusing to help Rohit Singh, a trans woman, shop for her wedding dress. According to Singh,

who has lodged a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, the owner refused to let her try on any bridal dresses, telling her “Sorry, we don’t allow men to wear dresses here.”

An embarrassed Singh was forced to leave the store, and when asked about the treatment she received said, “Discrimination. I’m damn sure it’s discrimination.”

Saskatchewan’s Gender Equality Society learned of the incident and organised a protest of the store, where dozens came to object to the owner’s treatment of Singh — who said the overwhelming support she received had made her incredibly happy. She was later able to find a wedding dress at a different store — whose service was apparently excellent — marrying her husband on Monday, April 29th.

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