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Gallup: Americans find gay relations as acceptable as wearing fur

A new study from Gallup finds that same-sex relations are now as morally acceptable as wearing a fur coat – fully 59 percent.

Acceptance of gay relations rose 19 percentage points since 2001, increasing in favorability faster than having a baby outside of marriage (up 15 percentage points), sex between an unmarried man and woman (up 10 percentage points), and divorce (up 9 percentage points).

Just 40 percent found gay relations morally acceptable when the question was asked in 2001, illustrating how it was seen as less morally acceptable than abortion, medical testing on animals and the death penalty.

Gay relations now seen as morally acceptable as turning a hundred of these guys into a coat.

If 59 percent still sounds too low, rest easy knowing this isn’t the only issue Americans are slow to accept. Teenagers having sex attains only minor acceptance at 32 percent. Pornography elicits just 31 percent. And there are about 2-to-1 odds that someone thinks gambling is morally wrong (64 percent).

But based on the growth in acceptance so far, it looks like the odds may be ever in gays’ favor.