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Redesigned Xbox 360 launches today, offers One’s looks at half the price

Microsoft surprised attendees at its E3 conference this morning with an announcement of a redesigned Xbox 360. Cunningly styled to look more like its Xbox One sibling, the new 360 has the “modern look and feel of the Xbox One,” and Microsoft states that it is smaller and quieter than the current model. Eh, make that yesterday’s model.

Shipping today in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, Microsoft sought to shore up support for the gracefully aging console, with hundreds of new games apparently in the pipeline over the next two years. The basic 4GB model is expected to cost $200, with that price jumping to $300 with either a Kinect or a 250GB HDD. If you’re one of the last few who still haven’t bought a 360, it remains a solid choice at a great price, even with its new baby brother.

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