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Google’s new Nexus 7 launches tomorrow, official press shots leaked

Google’s Nexus 7 is the current king of 7-inch Android devices. Launched last year, it’s build quality, power and screen defied the $199 asking price — offering serious comeptition to Apple’s iPad, despite the vast differences between the two devices. It was also an unexpected sales success, with almost 5 million devices sold before the end of 2012, and Google and Asus initially struggling to match the demand for the device.

A successor has long been rumoured, and at Google’s press event in San Francisco tomorrow morning, we can expect the launch of the latest in the Nexus 7 line. Unconfirmed speculation on the device includes a much improved screen — 1920×1200 is the current resolution that has gained the most traction — as well as a 5MP rear-facing camera, a smoother, more refined build, dual speakers and a starting price of $229 for the 16GB model.

Our friends over at @evleaks have managed to snag official press shots of the device, which show a similar overall design to the current Nexus 7, but in a slimmer and lighter package. Of course, it’s inside that the main focus will be, with an upgraded quad-core processor and the oft-rumored (and leaked) Android 4.3 both expected to ship inside the new 7.

Of course, this is all still speculation — albeit pretty confident speculation — with the official specs coming live from Google at 9am PST tomorrow. Naturally, we’ll have full details for you once the press event has wrapped.

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