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Budget iPhone flaunts its cheap colors

Take these images with a heavy dose of salt — what we’re looking at could be a well-organized set of knock-off handsets. However, if rumors, and the people who posted the images on Chinese site, are to be believed, these are in fact the latest images of the upcoming iPhone 5C, a cheaper alternative to the expected iPhone 5S which launches this fall.

Previously seen only in white, these latest images show the handset in blue, yellow, green and pink clothing as well, with a unibody, polycarbonate build similar to Nokia’s colourful Windows Phone handsets — though any comparisons would likely be regarded with disdain from both sides of that rivalry. Unfortunately, there’s little else to go on, save for a matte finish and the presence of color-coordinating wallpapers on each handset.

We’ll have to wait for Apple’s September 10 event to see if the iPhone 5C bears fruition, but given the current influx of images of the device, bets on a cheaper iPhone for budget fruit-lovers seem pretty safe for the moment.

Just remember — friends don’t let friends buy pink iPhones.

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