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Jaguar teases CX-17 concept, bares all next week

C-X17 CONCEPT PREVIEW.jpgJaguar has announced a new concept car, debuting next week at the Frankfurt motorshow. Titled the CX-17, it is expected to give us the first glimpse of what a potential Jaguar SUV could look like. In addition to the above image, which clearly displays either a beefy wagon or, more likely, a low-slung SUV, the included press release makes mention of the concept’s new architecture. Specifically, it details its ability to support a diverse range of vehicles which will underpin the “innovative future of the Jaguar brand.” In layman’s terms, expect the currently limited range to explode in the next few years as Jaguar try to penetrate more market sectors.

A Jaguar SUV has been rumored and talked about for years — though in light of the combining of Jaguar and Land Rover into one brand, excitement has been somewhat tempered. However, who better to give advice on how to build a top-notch SUV than their sister company, the king of the SUV? Jaguar plans to reveal all this on Monday, at the Frankfurt auto show, with a live-stream of the reveal on their Facebook page. It kicks off at 11:30am EST at Those who have been waiting for the big cat to make an even bigger cat may wish to tune in and see what the future could bring.

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